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Syrian authorities executed between 5,000 and 13,000 detainees in Saydnaya military prison during the first five years of the conflict, according to reports (AFP/File)
06:00 GMT
Tens of thousands of people remain in detention or have ‘disappeared’ in Syria, devastating countless families. Nevertheless, advocates say the issue has largely been avoided in peace talks and negotiations aimed at bringing an end to the Syrian conflict.

October 19, 2017

On an average around 127 divorce cases take place in a day (Shutterstock/File)
19:00 GMT
The number of divorce cases in Saudi Arabia has exponentially increased in recent years.
most civilians who had fled Raqqa “will likely be stuck in camps for months or years to come" (AFP/File)
14:49 GMT
The statement by Kurdish internal security forces in Raqqa was released as the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) combed the city for explosives and remnants of the militant group two days after retaking it from ISIS.
Iraqi officials have issued an arrest warrant for Kurdish Vice President Kosrat Rasul (AFP)
14:10 GMT
Iraqi officials have issued an arrest warrant for Kurdish Vice President Kosrat Rasul after the politician described troops in Kirkuk as invaders.
Settlement construction is a controversial topic in the West Bank (AFP)
13:41 GMT
European countries are calling on Israel to provide compensation for destroying houses and schools in the West Bank.
Greenblatt’s comments were aimed at Hamas, which has governed Gaza since mid-2007 when it wrested the coastal enclave from the PA after several days of street-fighting (Shutterstock/File)
13:18 GMT
The U.S. envoy responsible for Israel-Palestine peace talks said Thursday that Washington welcomed the Palestinian Authority (PA)’s return to the blockaded Gaza Strip following a 10-year hiatus.
On Sunday, the Transportation Ministry announced that Baghdad and Riyadh had signed an agreement to begin reciprocal flights between the two capitals following a 27-year hiatus (AFP/File)
13:16 GMT
A Saudi passenger plane touched down at Baghdad’s international airport on Wednesday for the first time in more than a quarter-century, according to Iraq’s Transportation Ministry.
The Israeli delegation left the talks following the remarks by Al-Ghanim (pictured above) and several other parliamentarians in the midst of applause (AFP/File)
12:30 GMT
National Assembly Speaker Marzouq Al-Ghanim sternly told the Israeli delegation that participated in the IPU conference to leave after hearing the latter’s comments on the Palestinian lawmakers languishing in jail.
Her chilling remarks came 24 hours after MI5 director general Andrew Parker warned Britain is facing its worst-ever terrorist threat (AFP/File)
11:55 GMT
Elaine Duke, Donald Trump’s acting Secretary of Homeland Security, said jihadists were using crude knives and van attacks to keep their members engaged and their finances flowing as they plot another ‘big explosion’ similar to the September 2001 atrocities.
The man who wanted to look like a shark, courtesy Warda Network
08:47 GMT
Austria's new 'burqa ban' law prohibits certain types of face coverings AKA almost every good Halloween costume
On Oct. 6, the Trump administration lifted long-standing economic sanctions on Sudan (AFP/File)
08:07 GMT
The United States will not relieve Sudan’s external debts until the country’s name is removed from the list of the countries that sponsor terrorism, Sudan’s Finance Minister Mohamed Osman Alriakbi said on Wednesday.
A woman wearing a niqab or burqa would have to remove the clothing while using public transit (Shutterstock/File)
07:53 GMT
Muslim women will be forced to remove their face coverings and burqas to access public services, including riding a bus, under a new law passed Wednesday by the Quebec National Assembly.
Syrian Kurdish female fighters (AFP/File)
07:00 GMT
Nursel Kilic is proud to be part of what she called a growing feminist movement in the Kurdish-controlled Democratic Federation of Northern Syria, commonly known as Rojava. A self-described “militant,” Kilic is working to give the Kurdish Women’s Movement international exposure.
Maung Zarni is a democracy advocate, Rohingya campaigner, and an adviser to European Centre for the Study of Extremism (Youtube/Rohingya VisionTV)
06:00 GMT
The Burmese scholar in an exclusive interview with FNA said that Aung San Suu Kyi's leadership has been the direct product of the icon manufacturing by Western media and activists which was intended to give acceptability to what, he believes, is a “military-controlled ethnocracy, wrapped in Buddhism.”

October 18, 2017

A boy sits on top of a destroyed tank in Syria, AFP/File
14:54 GMT
The Atlantic recently published an article claiming the war against ISIS brought the Middle East together. Al Bawaba debunks the article's claims, and reveals a disturbing lack of imagination in the all-too common thinking that the Middle East needs war to get peace.
A nuclear war between the U.S. and North Korea wide-ranging consequences for the Middle East region. (AFP)
14:29 GMT
North Korea’s deputy U.N. ambassador has warned that nuclear war could break out imminently, a decision which could have wide ranging consequences for the Middle East region.
The SDF announces the launch of its anti-ISIS offensive in Deir Ezzor last month (AFP)
14:26 GMT
The Islamists now control less than half of the province, following considerable regime advances to the south of the city on Tuesday.
The moves come amid steadily mounting tension between Baghdad and the Erbil-based KRG following last month’s referendum on regional independence (AFP/File)
13:45 GMT
Iraqi government forces on Wednesday assumed control of a strategic border crossing with Syria, according to an Iraqi military source.
Dammam, Saudi Arabia - November 17 2008: The Aramco exhibition center /Shutterstock
13:42 GMT
It’s not that the Saudi Aramco IPO is too big to fail. It’s that it might be too big to happen.
Cases of married children reached 122.464 in 2017, 4.522 of whom were under the age of 15 years old (Shutterstock/File)
13:18 GMT
In 2017 divorce rate in cities recorded 60.7 percent, while the percentages recorded at 39.3 percent in villages, according to Maysa Shawky, Deputy Minister of Health and the General Supervisor of the Councils of Population, and Childhood and Motherhood.
ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi (AFP/File)
12:30 GMT
The Military Court this week issued a verdict in the case against Saja al-Dulaimi, the former wife of ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, ending a controversial trial.
The number of hate crime incidents recorded by police spiked and reached a record monthly level of 6,000 incidents in June (Shutterstock/File)
06:00 GMT
Hate crime in the U.K. has surged, with a record 80,393 offenses recorded in 12 months to March 2017, according to Home Office figures released Tuesday.

October 17, 2017

All detained migrants were sent to regional immigration departments (AFP/File)
15:57 GMT
More than 150 migrants were detained during separate anti-trafficking operations in four different Turkish provinces Tuesday, according to officials.
The Iraqi army has turned its attention to driving back the Kurdish military forces after the Kurdistan region voted overwhelmingly on Sept. 25 in a referendum for independence (AFP/File)
13:46 GMT
The Kurdish town of Sinjar was given up by Peshmerga forces to a pro-Iraqi paramilitary group and the Iraqi army, Baghdad's army said Tuesday.
Since Aug. 25, some 582,000 Rohingya have crossed from Myanmar's western state of Rakhine into Bangladesh, according to the U.N. (Shutterstock/File)
13:38 GMT
According to newly released satellite images, at least 288 Muslim villages have been partially or totally destroyed by fire in Myanmar's Rakhine State since Aug. 25, the Human Rights Watch said Tuesday.
Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte has announced the liberation of Marawi City (AFP)
12:05 GMT
Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte has announced the liberation of Marawi City, following a four-month-long battle against ISIS-linked terrorists.
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu (Shutterstock/File)
12:03 GMT
Israel will continue to cooperate with the Palestinian Authority (PA) even if its leading faction Fatah completes a unity deal with Hamas, which Israel has publicly opposed, Israeli newspaper Haaretz reported Tuesday.
An ISIS fighter carries a rifle next to a bomb bearing ISIS' logo, with the 2018 FIFA World Cup symbol in the back.
11:49 GMT
The terrorist group has published an image of a rifle-carrying ISIS fighter and a bomb bearing the group's infamous black flag in front of a football stadium.
President Aoun pointed out that there are safe areas in Syria that can accommodate Syrian refugees who are now in Lebanon (AFP/File)
10:30 GMT
Declaring that Lebanon can no longer cope with the presence of Syrian refugees, President Michel Aoun Monday appealed to the international community for help in securing their safe return to their homeland.
The Pentagon did not describe how the strikes were conducted (AFP/File)
10:02 GMT
U.S. forces killed dozens of ISIS militants in a strike on two of its training camps in Yemen’s al Bayda governorate, the Pentagon said Monday.
Before she was captured alive in Raqqa, the jihadi bride appeared to be questioning her future with ISIS and plotting her escape (Shutterstock/File)
09:17 GMT
Officials have seized the laptop of an ISIS jihadi bride in Raqqa to reveal she was baking recipes, listening to religious sermons and collating an enormous stash of porn.
Security forces arrested the perpetrator and opened an investigation into the incident (Shutterstock/File)
09:16 GMT
Three people were shot and killed and three others were wounded in the Beirut neighborhood of Zqaq al-Blat when a young man first opened fire killing his father and later killing another two.
Earlier Monday, Iraqi forces reportedly assumed control over central Kirkuk's main government headquarters, according to a local police source (Youtube/AA)
08:26 GMT
Iraqi government forces have assumed "full control" over Kirkuk's city center, according to a statement issued late Monday by the army's Joint Operations Command.
Inflation has been on the rise since the currency flotation on November (AFP/File)
06:00 GMT
Egypt, a country with a population of 90 million, where more than 28 percent of them live below the poverty line, has been struggling with economic challenges and political turmoil since the Jan. 25 Revolution in 2011.

October 16, 2017

“The future of 4.5 million students hangs in the balance” (AFP)
21:00 GMT
Classrooms in Yemen’s capital and rebel-held north remained largely empty on the first official day of school Sunday, as war, hunger and an economic collapse leave millions struggling to survive.
ISIS flag (Shutterstock/File)
18:00 GMT
Continued political and military fragmentation in Libya is allowing for the regrouping of ISIS in the country after it was largely defeated in 2016, Walid Namane, an independent analyst, and North Africa expert has said.
Kuwait's Emir Shaikh Sabah Al Ahmad (AFP/File)
14:54 GMT
Kuwait's Emir Shaikh Sabah Al Ahmad has arrived in Riyadh on a fraternal visit to Saudi Arabia.
On Friday a U.N. human rights spokesman said Muslim refugees wanted to see a peacekeeping force protecting them (Shutterstock/File)
14:06 GMT
The resolution backs up earlier EU moves to restrict certain arms and equipment sales to the country’s military which has been accused of carrying out ethnic cleansing against Myanmar’s Rohingya Muslim minority.
It is not known if the man being punished is a member ISIS or if he is simply subjected to the harsh Sharia law the terrorists practice.
14:03 GMT
ISIS in Egypt has released a video showing a thief having his hand cut off to boast of it's 'eye for an eye' attitude to crime and punishment.
The Israeli military said it holds the Syrian regime responsible for any anti-aircraft fire (Shutterstock/File)
13:50 GMT
Israel struck a Syrian anti-aircraft battery near Damascus on Monday after missiles were fired at Israeli reconnaissance planes earlier, the military said.
Duterte was elected last year largely on an incendiary law-and-order platform in which he promised to eradicate illegal drugs in society by killing 100,000 people (AFP/File)
13:48 GMT
Duterte issued the warning during a bombastic speech on national television in which he attacked all opponents - from his communist rivals to the EU.
Earlier Monday, the Iraqi army launched an operation to capture military bases and oil fields in Kirkuk (AFP/File)
12:15 GMT
In a statement, the ministry said the elite anti-terrorism forces have completed their redeployment in the K-1 base.
This is the first time in months that such an incident occurs (AFP/File)
12:00 GMT
ISIS has claimed responsibility for the two rockets launched from Egypt’s restive Sinai Peninsula which landed in southern Israel’s Eshkol Regional Council Sunday night, marking the first time in months that such an incident occurred.
Iraqi forces drive towards Kurdish peshmerga positions on October 15, 2017, on the southern outskirts of Kirkuk (Ahmad Al-Rubaye/AFP)
10:37 GMT
Anger is running high in Kirkuk, with footage of Kurdish residents apparently throwing stones at withdrawing Peshmerga troops circulating on social media.
The truck attack at the capital's busiest intersection destroyed buildings, restaurants, and hotels (AFP)
09:31 GMT
The toll from Saturday's suicide truck bombing in capital Mogadishu has climbed to 276 dead and more than 300 others injured, Minister of Information Abdirahman Omar Osman said late Sunday.
Amman Design Week's main space (Al Bawaba/John Lillywhite)
09:28 GMT
As Amman Design Weeks comes to a close, Al Bawaba takes a look at Jordan's place in the creative world and where artists hope to take it.
Turkish Police Forces (AFP/File)
09:15 GMT
Police arrested 39 people, including 32 foreigners for their alleged links to ISIS in Istanbul Monday, according to a police source.

October 15, 2017

The completion of Athens’ first official mosque since the 19th century, in the downtown neighborhood of Votanikos, is set for the end of this year, according to plan (Shutterstock/File)
17:00 GMT
Decrying how Muslims in Athens have no choice but to pray in unsanitary conditions in basements, a top Muslim cleric from Greece said there is a great need for a mosque in the Greek capital.
The announcement has been met with a mixed reaction on social media (Shutterstock/File)
15:06 GMT
Legislation is expected to be introduced into the New South Wales parliament this week which will force students who pose a "significant risk" to enroll in distance education.
Khaled Fawzi (3rd-L) head of the Egyptian Intelligence services, shares a laugh with Hamas leader Izzat al-Rishq (2nd-L) and Fatah's Azzam al-Ahmad (C) following the signing of a reconciliation deal in Cairo on October 12, 2017 (Khaled Desouki/AFP)
14:15 GMT
According to Saudi-owned Asharq al-Awsat, which cited Palestinian sources, Hamas and Fatah have said they will not act unilaterally on either peace deals or armed conflict.
"The battle of Mosul is over, but for hundreds of thousands who fled the city, their suffering and despair continues," said the NRC's Iraq country director Heidi Diedrich (AFP/File)
14:01 GMT
Nearly 700,000 Iraqis from the former ISIS stronghold of Mosul and nearby areas are still displaced despite the city's recapture in July, the Norwegian Refugee Council said on Sunday.
Bseiso will join a roster of international talent at WWE’s Performance Center who hail from a variety of countries, including Australia, Brazil, Canada, China, Germany, India, Mexico, and the United Kingdom (Instagram)
12:54 GMT
World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) has signed Shadia Bseiso from Jordan to a developmental contract, making her the first Arab woman from the Middle East to have the opportunity to train to become a WWE Superstar.
Iran has three main crossings with the Kurdish region; Haji Omaran (in Erbil Province), Parwezkhan, and Bashmaq (AFP/File)
12:09 GMT
Iran on Sunday shut a main border crossing with northern Iraq’s Kurdish region amid tension over last month’s independence referendum.
A daughter of a former Saudi ambassador to Washington, Prince Bandar bin Sultan, Princess Reema is a graduate in museology from an American university (Youtube/Misk Global Forum)
10:36 GMT
A princess has been named to head a Saudi multi-sports federation, in the latest of a string of such appointments in the Kingdom.
The central government on Friday began to deploy forces in the vicinity of Taza and Bashir villages, some 10 kilometers south of Kirkuk city after the withdrawal of the Peshmerga forces in the night (AFP/File)
09:01 GMT
Peshmerga forces will not withdraw from Iraq’s oil-rich city, Kirkuk’s ex-governor Najmiddin Karim said on Sunday.
The U.N. condemned the arrests as violations of international law and said the three countries should take immediate action to release those detained and drop all charges (Shutterstock/File)
08:31 GMT
United Nations officials expressed deep concern regarding waves of arrests targeting the LGBT populations of Azerbaijan, Egypt, and Indonesia.
United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (Shutterstock/File)
07:55 GMT
The UNESCO vote was marred by tension between Egypt and Qatar with Cairo accusing Doha of using its financial power to influence the U.N. agency’s 58-member executive council.

October 14, 2017

Pope Francis (R) gives a rosary to Prime Minister of Lebanon Saad Hariri during a private audience at the Vatican, on October 13, 2017. /AFP
15:00 GMT
Prime Minister Saad Hariri vowed Friday to maintain stability in Lebanon and consensus among rival factions to shield the country from the reverberations of regional turmoil.
(AFP Photo/File/Farjana Khan Godhuly)
14:00 GMT
Two young Rohingya girls were killed by an elephant attack late Friday at refugee camp in coastal Cox's Bazaar city.
ISIS fighters have released a new propaganda photo featuring the bullet-ridden faces of Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin on shooting targets
11:30 GMT
ISIS fighters have released a new propaganda photo featuring the bullet-ridden faces of Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin on shooting targets.
The UN atomic watchdog hit back at US criticism of the Iran nuclear deal, insisting its inspections there are the world's toughest and that Tehran is sticking to the accord. (AFP File/Majid Asgaripour)
07:59 GMT
IAEA Director General Yukiya Amano says 'So far, the IAEA has had access to all locations it needed to visit.'
Palestinians fill bottles and jerrycans with drinking water from public taps at the Rafah refugee camp in southern Gaza Strip, on February 22, 2017. (Said Khatib/AFP/File)
07:00 GMT
Palestinians rejoice over long-awaited unity deal that will breath some life into the suffocated territory.

October 13, 2017

Both sides struck a deal in the Egyptian capital this week
18:31 GMT
The Israeli government has announced a list of conditions necessary for it to accept the historic reconciliation agreement between Hamas and Fatah.
US President Donald Trump will unveil a more aggressive strategy against Iran  (AFP)
16:56 GMT
US President Donald Trump will unveil a more aggressive strategy against Iran on Friday but is expected to stop short of withdrawing from the landmark 2015 nuclear deal.
Egypt's Coptic christian Minority has been targetted by extremists (AFP)
13:37 GMT
Egypt’s Coptic Orthodox Church has come under attack again after a priest was stabbed to death in Cairo.
Iraqi army reinforcements drive down a road, linking Hawija to Kirkuk, near the village of Khabbaz on October 7, 2017. (AFP PHOTO / Marwan IBRAHIM)
11:12 GMT
Hashd al-Shaabi fighters build-up south of Kirkuk, Hemin Hawrami wrote on his offical Twitter account.
The U.A.E will end the mission of North Korea's non-resident envoy and stop issuing new visas to North Koreans (AFP/File)
07:56 GMT
The U.A.E will end the mission of North Korea's non-resident envoy and stop issuing new visas to North Koreans.
Sisi would like to see a weaker Hamas, a marginalized Iran and an agreement that puts Egypt back at the center of Middle East diplomacy (AFP/File)
05:00 GMT
Egypt's enthusiasm to arbitrate between feuding Palestinian factions, Hamas and Fatah, is not the outcome of a sudden awakening of conscience. Cairo has, in fact, played a destructive role in manipulating Palestinian division to its favor, while keeping the Rafah border crossing under lock and key.

October 12, 2017

British Dad Aidan James is fighting with the YPG (Facebook)
18:51 GMT
A British father has told of his fears that U.K. intelligence chiefs will classify him as a terrorist because he traveled to fight ISIS in Syria.
President Putin has never enjoyed so much influence in the Middle East (AFP)
15:28 GMT
Russia could be set to mediate talks between Saudi Arabia and Iran as a sign of the Kremlin’s ongoing influence in the Middle East.
The decision to leave UNESCO comes on condition of anonymity and has not been confirmed by the White House at the time of publication. It also comes as UNESCO is voting on the election of a new director.
15:09 GMT
Washington regards the U.N. cultural agency as anti-Israel. Equally, US Ambassador to the U.N. Nikki Haley has repeatedly issued denunciations of UNESCO in the past.
The Rohingya, described by the U.N. as the world's most persecuted people, have faced heightened fears of attack since dozens were killed in communal violence in 2012 (Shutterstock/File)
14:51 GMT
Myanmar's months-long attacks on Rohingya Muslims have been a concerted, well-organized campaign explicitly meant to push them out of the country into Bangladesh and block their return, a new U.N. report said on Wednesday.
Egyptian President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi
14:31 GMT
Egyptian President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi on Thursday extended Egypt’s countrywide state of emergency for an additional three months.
Yemen has remained locked in a civil war since 2014 (AFP/File)
12:06 GMT
A Yemeni army officer and nine Houthi fighters were killed Thursday in clashes that erupted in the town of Asilan in Yemen’s southeastern Shabwah province, according to a Yemeni military source.
The Muslim convert fled Britain to join ISIS back in 2013 alongside lover and jihadi hacker Junaid Hussain, taking her then-nine-year-old son JoJo with her (Twitter)
10:36 GMT
The British jihadist who became known as the White Widow has been killed in a U.S. drone strike while attempting to flee the ISIS capital, it emerged last night.
U.S. Secretary of Defense James Mattis (Shutterstock/File)
10:13 GMT
“It’s a NATO ally that we will work hard to stay aligned with against our common enemy. And we are doing good work together, military to military," Mattis told reporters en route to Central Command in Tampa, Florida.
Last year, a U.N. report found at least 108 victims of sexual abuse, the majority of them minors, by U.N. peacekeepers in the Central African Republic (Shutterstock/File)
08:29 GMT
The victim told Amnesty International that she was raped at a checkpoint manned by Mauritanian peacekeepers while on her way to a funeral.
Hamas chief Ismail Haniya and Palestinian Prime Minister Rami Hamdallah at Haniya's office in Gaza City on Oct. 3, 2017 (AFP)
08:00 GMT
"Ismail Haniyeh [Hamas chief] has just announced that an agreement was reached dawn on Thursday between Fatah and Hamas movements under Egyptian auspices," Taher al-Nunu, Haniyeh’s media advisor said in a press statement released early Thursday morning.
Turkish troops at the Syrian-Turkish border (AFP)
05:00 GMT
Turkey’s discussions with al-Qaeda-linked militants ahead of its deployment in Syria’s Idlib province indicate that a wide-scale offensive against the militant group may not be Ankara’s primary objective, according to Charles Lister of the Middle East Institute.

October 11, 2017

Russian private military contractors, "Slavonic Corps" in Syria, courtesy of
14:35 GMT
More countries are outsourcing parts of their military and intelligence operations to private military contractors. This resurgence of privatized warfare presents new dangers to ensuring accountability for their actions and protecting human rights.
Turkish President Erdogan has jailed hundreds in recent months (Stockholm Center for Freedom)
14:31 GMT
Pictures featuring seven members of the same family beaten and stripped naked by Turkish forces have sparked concern among rights groups.
Palestinians believe that Joseph's Tomb is the funerary monument to Sheikh Yousif Dweikat, a local religious figure (Shutterstock/File)
13:06 GMT
At least three Palestinians were injured by rubber-coated steel bullets, while several others suffered from severe tear-gas inhalation during clashes that erupted between Palestinians and Israeli forces overnight between Tuesday and Wednesday in the northern occupied West Bank city of Nablus.
“We all have the right to vie in election as long as we fit the conditions,” Mohamed Anwar Sadat said in an interview (Youtube Screenshot)
13:03 GMT
“We all have the right to vie in election as long as we fit the conditions,” Mohamed Anwar Sadat said in an interview.
U.S. President Donald Trump and U.K. Prime Minister Theresa May (AFP/File Photo)
12:10 GMT
May told Trump the deal was "vitally important for regional security" while stressing that it must be "carefully monitored and properly enforced".
During the first six months of 2017, at least 1,662 Afghan civilians were killed (AFP/File)
10:50 GMT
"This increase can be attributed to [President Donald Trump's] strategy to more proactively target extremist groups that threaten the stability and security of the Afghan people," the USAFCC said in a report.
According to U.N. figures, more than 10,000 people -- including numerous civilians -- have been killed to date as a result of the conflict (AFP/File)
10:30 GMT
“As the nation gets poorer, leaders are getting richer, and they do not want to resolve the situation,” he said.
Trust issues remain between Israel and Arab states (AFP)
08:14 GMT
Despite outward signs that relations between Egypt and Israel are warming in recent months, it appears that the two countries have some way to go before full trust can be established (AFP/File)
Hezbollah officials Talal Hamiyah and Fu'ad Shukr (Twitter/Rewards for Justice)
07:53 GMT
The rewards were announced at a press conference by U.S. Department of State Bureau of Counterterrorism official Nathan Sales.
Until the early 1990s, Jerusalem had served as the hub of Palestinian economic, cultural, social and political activity (Shutterstock/File)
06:00 GMT
Until the early 1990s, Jerusalem had served as the hub of Palestinian economic, cultural, social and political activity.

October 10, 2017

Prisoners were beaten, walled, placed nude in plastic sheets surrounded by ice, and placed in confinement boxes for hours (Shutterstock/File)
19:00 GMT
Shocking details have emerged about 'Cobalt', a CIA black site created by a pair of contracted psychologists who literally wrote the manual on torture.
Russia has accused the United States military of pretending to fight ISIS in Syria and Iraq. (AFP)
15:18 GMT
Russia has launched a blistering attack on the U.S. and accused the United States military of pretending to fight ISIS in Syria and Iraq.
A man is executed in Iran (file photo)
15:06 GMT
An article by Saudi-owned al-Arabiya on World Day Against the Death Penalty failed to mention Saudi Arabia’s own widespread and internationally condemned implementation of the death penalty.
The source said the missile hit its target and caused heavy losses (AFP/FIle)
12:48 GMT
There was no comment from Saudi authorities on the claim.
The bomber opened fire on Sunni tribesmen manning a checkpoint in al-Kasara (AFP/File Photo)
10:56 GMT
The bomber opened fire on Sunni tribesmen manning a checkpoint in al-Kasara, west of Anbar province, Col. Walid al-Dulaimi said.
Since the outbreak of the Syrian war in 2011, many border crossings between Lebanon and Syria have been closed (AFP/File Photo)
09:53 GMT
Final preparations are underway to reopen the northern Bekaa’s Jousi crossing on the Lebanese-Syrian border.
Mediterranean refugee arrivals have reached 120,137 to date this year (AFP/File Photo)
08:09 GMT
Thousands of migrants have been transferred to a hangar in the coastal city of Sabratha by a U.N. migration agency, the U.N. Support Mission in Libya (UNSMIL) said Monday.

October 9, 2017

ISIS fighters are being drawn to the battlefield due to the group’s sickening policy of abusing women (AFP)
15:31 GMT
ISIS fighters are being drawn to the battlefield due to the group’s sickening policy of abusing women, according to a new report.
Karzai was one of the key supporters of the U.S. campaign against the Taliban in Afghanistan. (AFP / File)
15:30 GMT
The former president of Afghanistan, Hamid Karzai, has questioned why ISIS militants were allowed to expand and flourish on Afghan soil by the United States.
Malala Yousafzai, AFP/File
14:52 GMT
On this day five years ago, Malala was shot by the Taliban. Al Bawaba takes a look at her life and advocacy since the attempt on her life was made.
The planes will travel to Lebanon from the U.S. by air (Shutterstock/File Photo)
14:24 GMT
The Lebanese Army is set to receive its first batch of U.S. donated Super Tucano aircraft this week, a local daily said Sunday.