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November 30, 2017

The Eastern Ghouta region is designated by Russia, Turkey, and Iran as a so-called de-escalation zone (AFP/File)
12:29 GMT
Dozens of mortar bombs targeted the besieged Eastern Ghouta suburbs of the capital on Wednesday, despite a 48-hour cease-fire announced one day earlier, Reuters reported.
Former Egyptian Prime Minister Ahmed Shafiq (AFP/File)
11:34 GMT
The Head of General Security for Dubai, Dhahi Khalfan, disputed the statement made by former Egyptian Prime Minister, Ahmed Shafiq, who claimed he had been banned from leaving the UAE by Emirati authorities, just hours after announcing his bid for the 2018 Egyptian presidency.
President Trump retweeted three videos initially posted by far-right Britain First deputy leader Jayda Fransen (AFP/File)
09:59 GMT
A video retweeted by Donald Trump of a Muslim migrant beating up a boy on crutches was dismissed as fake news by police in the Netherlands.
He urged the UAE authorities to lift the restrictions and allow his freedom to travel (AFP/File)
08:22 GMT
Former Egyptian Premier Ahmed Shafiq said on Wednesday the United Arab Emirates (UAE) was preventing him from traveling to his country after he announced his plans to run in Egypt's presidential elections next year.
Robert Mardini, the regional director for the ICRC, called the move an "exceptional stop-gap measure" (AFP/File)
07:48 GMT
The International Committee of the Red Cross said Wednesday it is buying 750,000 liters of diesel fuel to provide clean water to cities in Yemen affected by a blockade enforced by a Saudi-led coalition.
Opposition-affiliated media activists quickly became regime targets (Shutterstock/File)
06:00 GMT
The war in Syria significantly increased the number of so-called opposition media activists who documented alleged human rights abuses and war crimes. But as pro-government forces regain control of rebel-held territory, they fear for their future.

November 29, 2017

Most of the drop in Muslim-targeted hate crimes is attributable to Quebec (AFP/File)
22:00 GMT
Hate crimes in Canada directed at Muslims dropped in 2016 after four years of steady increases, according to a Statistics Canada report released Tuesday.
Around 20 women are murdered annually for reasons related to cleansing “family honor” in Jordan (AFP/File)
21:00 GMT
Ministry of Social Development (MoS) officials on Tuesday said a building has been located to house women whose lives are in danger due to reasons related to “family honor.”
Well known for his biting sense of humor, Faisal is a controversial figure who has reported receiving hate mail from Islamists as well as those on the alt-right who believe he is an extremist in disguise. (Image: Faisal Saeed Al Mutar - Facebook)
18:39 GMT
Well known for his biting sense of humor, Faisal is a controversial figure who has reported receiving hate mail from Islamists as well as those on the alt-right who believe he is an extremist in disguise.
President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi gave security officials the green light to use “all brute force” (AFP)
15:26 GMT
The residents of Egypt’s North Sinai governorate are facing further misery after President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi gave security officials the green light to use “all brute force” to gain complete control of the area within three months.
The body of a Syrian child is pulled out from the rubble following an airstrike in Eastern Ghouta, Syrian Civil Defense - Rif Dimushq
15:12 GMT
Assad stands more to gain on the battlefield than in conference rooms in Geneva.
The ban was issued over recent meetings between Swiss officials and members of Palestinian group Hamas (AFP/File)
14:48 GMT
Israel’s Defense Minister Avigdor Lieberman has reportedly banned Swiss officials from entering the blockaded Gaza Strip from Israeli territory, according to Israeli media.
He appeared to drink from a small bottle seconds after losing his appeal (AFP/File)
14:25 GMT
A former Bosnian-Croat military leader has reportedly died in hospital after appearing to drink poison seconds after judges upheld his 20-year sentence.
Friday’s attack, the deadliest in Egypt’s recent history, saw 27 children being killed (Facebook)
13:51 GMT
Massive controversy hit Egypt’s social media on Tuesday after photos appeared of a group of young students performing a play at their school in Egypt’s Dakahlia province imitating Friday’s al-Rawda mosque attack in North Sinai that left 309 people dead.
President Donald Trump's Twitter page
13:33 GMT
The President of the United States retweeted three controversial tweets with anti-Muslim content from the deputy leader of Britain First, earlier today.
The International Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian People is marked each year on Nov. 29 (AFP/File)
11:24 GMT
The Turkish foreign minister renewed Wednesday his country's support for an independent and sovereign state of Palestine.
Lebanese President Michel Aoun (AFP/File)
11:10 GMT
Prime Minister Saad Hariri will maintain his position, and Lebanon's political crisis will be resolved "within days," President Michel Aoun said in an interview published Wednesday in Italian newspaper La Stamp.
Hamas called the decision a "violation" of pre-existing agreements between the two sides (AFP/File)
10:05 GMT
The Palestinian Authority (P.A.) on Tuesday called on all of its former civil servants in Gaza -- who were forced out of work following Hamas’ June 2007 takeover of the territory -- to return back to work in their former posts.
North Korea often justifies its development of nuclear weapons as a measure aimed at countering alleged American aggression (AFP/File)
07:52 GMT
North Korea claimed Wednesday it has now completed a "state nuclear force" capable of attacking anywhere in the United States.
The prince was among those who paid money to the government in return for not going to court (AFP/File)
07:42 GMT
A high-level Saudi prince was released Tuesday three weeks after what the government called a corruption crackdown.
There are 655,056 Syrian refugees in Jordan (AFP/File)
06:00 GMT
The number of Syrian refugees returning voluntarily to Syria from Jordan has been “slightly” rising since a tripartite agreement to back a ceasefire in southwest Syria went into effect early July.

November 28, 2017

Roaming Millennial is a popular Youtube Personality, based in the United States.
15:17 GMT
Known for her forthright arguments and sense of humour, Roaming Millenial is a popular Youtube personality who makes the most of a major in political science to bash the media, critique 'third wave feminism' and ask complicated questions such as 'are women and men different'?
A collage map of Syria, Al Bawaba
15:09 GMT
Syria's de-escalation zones were supposed to stem Syria's humanitarian crisis but they are failing. As more besieged civilians die, the Syrian War does not appear to be winding down but rather becoming drawn out as Assad, Russia and Turkey use the de-escalation agreement to empower their respective political agendas.
Hollstein ia a pro-refugee advocate and member of German Chancellor Angela Merkel's Christian Democratic Union (AFP)
15:04 GMT
Police are investigating Tuesday a brazen attack on a German political leader who was stabbed in a restaurant with a 12-inch knife.
Pope Francis with Aung San Suu Kyi (AFP)
15:04 GMT
Pope Francis on Tuesday called for respect for the rights of all of Myanmar’s ethnic groups without mentioning persecuted Rohingya Muslims directly.
The Egyptian Military has faced criticism following the attack (AFP)
12:36 GMT
The Egyptian government has valued the cost of each life lost in Friday’s terror attack at just over €9,000 ($10,699) - a fraction of the amount paid to foreign citizens killed on Egyptian soil.
A spokesperson said the Pentagon is not quite at the point of releasing numbers for Iraq and Syria (AFP/File)
12:14 GMT
The number of troops on the ground in Iraq and Syria are far more than the figure given by the Pentagon, according to a report.
Local lawmakers voted unanimously to strip her of the City of Oxford award (AFP/File)
10:50 GMT
Local lawmakers voted unanimously to strip her of the City of Oxford award over Suu Kyi’s response to the atrocities waged against the country’s Muslim minority since September.
It is commonly thought that another war, at some point, is inevitable (AFP/File)
10:48 GMT
Hezbollah Secretary-General Sayyed Hasan Nasrallah will be a target in the next war between Lebanon and Israel, an Israeli army spokesperson said in a report published Tuesday.
“We, Rohingya, wish that your journey brings love and peace and adds a voice against the suppression of voices" (AFP)
09:29 GMT
A former refugee and activist from the European Rohingya Council has written to Pope Francis to highlight the plight of Rohingya Muslims in Myanmar.
The regime delegation has not yet arrived for the eighth round of the talks (AFP/File)
07:43 GMT
The regime delegation has not yet arrived for the eighth round of the talks, which are scheduled to start Tuesday, Nasr al-Hariri, head of the opposition delegation, told reporters.
Nearly 5,000 children have been killed or seriously injured in the last two and a half years (AFP)
06:00 GMT
Millions of children are in desperate need of humanitarian assistance in Yemen, UNICEF’s Regional Director for the Middle East and North Africa said in a press conference Sunday in Jordan’s capital Amman.

November 27, 2017

Domestic workers face unpaid wages, withholding passport, long working hours, no days off, lack of privacy and ill-treatment, mostly verbal, physical, then sexual (Shutterstock/File)
21:00 GMT
The issue of migrant workers leaving employers is not uncommon, but once they are met with accidents, illness or any untoward incident, it is a “punishing ordeal,” social workers and activists say.
At least half of Somalia population is in need of humanitarian emergency support (AFP/File)
20:00 GMT
More than 10,000 local residents are reported displaced in November due to an ongoing conflict in Middle and Lower Shabelle region in Somalia’s south, a Norway-based humanitarian agency said on Monday.
Resigned Pakistan federal law minister Zahid Hamid (Pakistan Ministry of Law and Justice)
15:48 GMT
Pakistan's federal law minister resigned Monday to quell protests against a perceived weakening of the country's anti-blasphemy laws.