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A Saudi fishing boat  was seized by Iran's naval forces on Saturday, after it allegedly crossed into its waters (Pixabay)
15:19 GMT
This after earlier this month Saudi coastguards shot and killed an Iranian fisherman who reportedly entered Saudi waters, exacerbating tensions between the regional rivals
Afghan security personnel in the Gereshk district of Helmand province on July 22, 2017 (Noor Mohammad/AFP)
12:59 GMT
"We struck a compound that we believed had hostile forces in it, but it turned out they were local security forces aligned with Afghan government forces"
Anthony Scaramucci and Sean Spicer. (Jim Watson, Nicholas Kamm/AFP)
11:00 GMT
Sean Spicer resigned as White House press secretary Friday, after vocal Trump supporter Anthony Scaramucci was named head of White House communications.
"We hope to resolve the disputes with dialogue and negotiations," the emir said Friday (AFP)
09:04 GMT
Qatar's Emir on Friday expressed readiness for dialogue to solve the Gulf diplomatic crisis, but asked that any solution respect Qatar's sovereignty.
Mahmoud Abbas announced the freezing of contacts between Ramallah and Israel on Friday (AFP)
07:01 GMT
All contact will end until Israel removes the metal detectors from the entrance to the Aqsa mosque compound, PA President Mahmoud Abbas said Friday.

July 21, 2017

Iraqi Kurdish leader Massud Barzani (AFP)
18:06 GMT
President Masoud Barzani, the leader of Iraq’s autonomous region of Kurdistan, has called a parliamentary and presidential election for November.
Illustrative photo of a Palestinian protester arguing with Israeli police during clashes in East Jerusalem (Ahmad Gharabli/ AFP)
15:07 GMT
A Palestinian died after being shot in the head in an east Jerusalem neighbourhood near the Old City on Friday, the Palestinian health ministry said, as clashes broke out between Israeli forces and Palestinian protesters.
A Hezbollah militant looks through his binoculars in Umm Khorj in the Lebanese eastern mountain range close to the Syrian border. (Sam Skaine/AFP)
13:05 GMT
Hezbollah have launched a major offensive against Syrian rebels on both sides of the Lebanon border, in an operation that aims at giving pro-Assad's regime forces full control of the frontier region.
Israeli forces stand guard as Palestinian Muslim worshippers, who refuse to enter Al-Aqsa mosque compound due to newly-implemented security measures by Israeli authorities. (AFP)
11:12 GMT
Israeli police Friday restricted entry of Muslim worshipers to Jerusalem’s Old City and flashpoint the Al-Aqsa Mosque.
Hezbollah militant near Israel border. (AFP)
09:35 GMT
US lawmakers introduced legislation on Thursday to strengthen sanctions against the Hezbollah extremist group.
Damage to Kos, Greece. (RomeikoCalendar/Twitter)
07:10 GMT
Two people were killed and scores injured early Friday on the Greek island of Kos after an earthquake of magnitude 6.7 hit the region, a local mayor said.

July 20, 2017

The decision is also likely to be welcomed gladly by Putin and the Russians, with Putin having declared the program illegal back in 2015. (AFP)
14:48 GMT
Trump administration ends covert CIA policy program of backing rebel forces in Syria, singling a desire to work more closely with Russia.
Taliban soldiers in Russian-made tanks fire on the forces of former Afghan defense minister. (AFP)
13:00 GMT
Multiple casualties are feared as the Taliban militants used armored vehicles to storm the security ring and surrounding check posts in restive Helmand province Thursday morning.
Yazidi fighter Heza prepares her rifle in an abandoned home used as a base on the eastern outskirts of Raqa on July 18, 2017. (AFP)
12:28 GMT
She was trafficked into Raqqa as a slave by ISIS but managed to escape. Now Yazidi fighter Heza is back to avenge the horrors she and thousands of others suffered.
Maarek Sami Tawayha shot dead three US Special Forces instructors outside the King Faisal Airbase in Jafer, Maan, some 300km south of Amman, on November 4. (twitter)
10:52 GMT
Hundreds from the defendant’s tribe, the Hweitat, drove from Maan to Amman to protest the court’s verdict and called for their family member's release.
"It was a big shock to MbN," the source added. "It was a coup. He wasn't prepared," reports Reuters.
09:03 GMT
According to palace sources cited by Reuters, King Salman himself delivered the unexpected blow to Bin Nayef at the palace.

July 19, 2017

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan and German Chancellor Angela Merkel (AFP)
14:40 GMT
Germany's Foreign Ministry on Wednesday summoned the Turkish ambassador over the detention of a German and several other human rights activists pending trial for allegedly aiding an armed terrorist group
Rouhani says Tehran will 'respond appropriately'. (AFP)
14:29 GMT
Rouhani says Tehran will 'respond appropriately' to US sanctions on Iran.
Shiite militiamen in Iraq have been accused of carrying out war crimes by Amnesty International (AFP)
14:20 GMT
Top U.S. general in Iraq Stephen Townsend has a tip for Baghdad. “If we're to keep ISIS [Daesh] 2.0 from emerging, the Iraqi government is going to have to do something pretty significantly different," he told the BBC.
Israeli border guards detain a protester during a demonstration outside the Lions Gate in Jerusalem's Old City on July 17, 2017. (AFP/ Ahmad Gharabli)
10:25 GMT
Fresh clashes were expected in Jerusalem on Wednesday, after Palestinian authorities called for a "Day of Rage" following the introduction of heightened security checks for Muslims at a holy site.
A Yemeni child suspected of being infected with cholera is checked by a doctor at a makeshift hospital. (AFP)
08:59 GMT
A UN flight carrying aid to Yemen's capital was blocked by the Saudi-led coalition, says UN official.
US President Donald Trump and Russia's President Vladimir Putin shake hands during a meeting on the sidelines of the G20 Summit in Hamburg, Germany, on July 7, 2017. (AFP/ Saul Loeb)
08:20 GMT
US President Donald Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin had a second, undisclosed meeting during the G20 summit in Hamburg, news reports said Tuesday.

July 18, 2017

Activist take part in a rally to commemorate the nuclear deal with Iran in front of the White House. (AFP)
19:57 GMT
The United States is imposing sanctions on 18 individuals and entities over their suspected support for Iran's ballistic missile programme.
Mourners carry the coffin of Ha'il Satawi, an Israeli policeman from the Arab-Druze minority. (AFP)
19:35 GMT
The recent killing of two Druze police officers by Palestinian gunmen in East Jerusalem's Old City has cast a spotlight on the minority community in Israel.
Iran and Saudi Arabia's rivalry has played out in proxy wars across the region. (AFP)
19:23 GMT
Speaking at the Council on Foreign Relations think tank in New York on Monday, Zarif said he hopes Tehran can work together with Riyadh to end the conflicts in both Yemen and Syria.
AFP: A picture taken on July 17, 2017, shows the Dome of the Rock in the Al-Aqsa Mosque compound in the old city of Jerusalem, after Palestinian Muslim worshippers refused to enter the compound due to newly-implemented security measures by Israeli authorities which include metal detectors and cameras.
16:36 GMT
Can the people of Jerusalem — the living, breathing city, not just a city of heritage — ever live in peace without a clear definition of the management of holy space in Jerusalem?
Activist and feminist Zuleikha Abu Risheh expressed her disapproval of the new regulations. “We are banging our heads on the wall with this useless government and the regulations it issues.” (shutterstock)
14:00 GMT
Jordan attempts to tighten regulations as former minister puts rate of early marriages at 13%.
Iraqi forces patrol Mosul. (AFP)
12:01 GMT
The group found in a tunnel in Mosul on Thursday included five German, three Russian, three Turkish and two Canadian nationals.
Activists commemorate the nuclear deal with Iran in front of the White House (Mandel Ngan/AFP)
10:48 GMT
Donald Trump has backed away from a campaign promise to scrap a major nuclear security deal with Iran
Qatar's Attorney General threatens legal action on blockade earlier this month (AFP)
09:32 GMT
Qatar’s Defense Minister hinted that his country could sue the Saudi-led bloc before the International Criminal Court
The crackdown has targeted politicians, activists, and journalists. (AFP)
08:06 GMT
The most recent group of arrests include ten Turkish human rights activists.

July 17, 2017

Scene from the Harem by Fernand Cormon, c. 1877 (Wikimedia Commons)
19:29 GMT
Sex sells and exoticized Muslim sex sells even more.
In some mosques, local residents volunteer to lead prayers, but without the salary an imam is usually paid, the source added. (AFP)
17:49 GMT
Only half of all mosques in Jordan have Imams.
"You cannot be both our friend and a friend of al-Qaeda," UAE Foreign Minister Gargash threatened Monday (AFP)
15:52 GMT
"You cannot be both our friend and a friend of al-Qaeda," UAE Foreign Minister Gargash threatened.
37-year-old Xiyue Wang was convicted of being "an infiltrating American agent." (AFP)
14:34 GMT
A Chinese-born US dual national was sentenced to ten years in prison by Iranian authorities who accused him of spying for Washington.
Syrians gather on July 12, 2017 with pictures of victims of a suspected toxic gas attack (Omar haj kadour/AFP)
14:00 GMT
The eight high-ranking Syrian military officials and eight scientists were identified as having a role in developing and using of chemical weapons against civilians, the EU said.
The UAE envoy in Washington earlier called The Post story as “false”. (AFP)
13:22 GMT
The United Arab Emirates (UAE) on Monday denied reports that it was behind a series of hacks that sparked regional discord that isolated Qatar from its neighbours.
Jordanian soldier who shot three US military trainers last November sentenced to life imprisonment. (file/photo)
11:44 GMT
Jordanian Soldier who shot three US military trainers has been sentenced to life imprisonment.
"Baghdadi is definitely alive. He is not dead. We have information that he is alive. We believe 99 percent he is alive." (file/photo)
11:13 GMT
Despite numerous rumours about his death, Kurdish agents believe Al-Baghdadi is still alive.
Palestinians worship outside al-Aqsa compound in protest against security measures (Ahmad Gharabli/AFP)
11:00 GMT
Israel reopened the ultra-sensitive holy site Sunday closed after an attack that killed two policemen, but Muslim worshippers were refusing to enter.
The demonstrators have staged over 75 sit-ins in various parts of the country since the late Nimeh Habashneh started the campaign on Facebook in 2009. (AFP)
08:12 GMT
Jordanian women protest for rights of women married to foreigners.
Since June 5, Qatar has been under a land, sea and air blockade imposed by Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Egypt, Bahrain and Yemen, who accuse Doha of supporting terrorism. (File/Photo)
07:10 GMT
The cyber campaign ultimately resulted to a rupture in ties between Doha and five of its Gulf Arab neighbors led by Saudi Arabia.

July 16, 2017

Saudi Arabia, along with the UAE, Bahrain and Egypt, imposed a boycott on Qatar since June 5. (AFP)
19:49 GMT
US defence secretary says there is no need to look for an alternative airbase since the airbase in Al Udeid in Qatar continues to operate normally.
The U.S. offers a $25-million bounty for al-Baghdadi, who split from al-Qaeda organization in 2013. (twitter)
14:49 GMT
The head of the Iraqi intelligence and anti-terrorism department says "Al-Baghdadi is still hiding in Syria in an area outside [the northern Syrian province of] Raqqah."
President Recep Tayyip Erdogan. (AFP)
14:00 GMT
People making telephone calls to Turkish mobile phones during the night heard an unexpected voice on the line: President Recep Tayyip Erdogan.
Fereydoun has previously been described as Rouhani's 'eyes and ears'. (AFP)
13:40 GMT
Reports have come in from AFP that Hossein Fereydoun, younger brother to Iranian President Rouhani has been arrested in Iran.
12:14 GMT
The all Afghan girl robotics team, thanks to the last minute intervention of the US President, Donald Trump, arrived in the American Capital Saturday to attend an international robotics competition.
Maryam Mirzakhani (File photo)
11:16 GMT
Maryam Mirzakhani, an Iranian-born mathematician who was the first woman to win the coveted Fields Medal, has died in a US hospital after a battle with cancer. She was 40.
Rebels move through Idlib. (AFP/Omar Haj Kadour)
10:00 GMT
Two of Syria's most powerful rebel alliances have clashed in Idlib province, following weeks of tensions between the two former allies.
More than 100 people were killed when elements of the Turkish military attempted to overthrow Erdogan and his Justice and Development Party government. (AFP)
07:58 GMT
Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has vowed to 'chop off the heads of traitors' during an incendiary speech marking the first anniversary of a failed coup.
French Minister of Europe and Foreign Affairs embraces his Qatari counterpart (STRINGER / AFP)
07:00 GMT
France wants to assist Kuwait-led mediation on the crisis between Qatar and four other Arab states.
Egyptian Ahmed Abdullah, Governor the Red Sea, visits injured tourists in hospital (AFP)
06:00 GMT
"He communicated with the organization via internet and was given the task of attacking foreign tourists on Hurghada beaches"

July 15, 2017

Turkey's main opposition leader Kemal Kilicdaroglu speaks during a special debate of the General Assembly on the anniversary of the coup attempt (Adem Altan/AFP)
17:30 GMT
Opposition leader Kemal Kilicadaroglu criticized the government's failure to prevent the coup and the ongoing crackdown that followed.
Trump's controversial travel ban has been dubbed a "Muslim ban" by some (file photo)
15:30 GMT
The Trump administration does not think that grandparents can prove a "close familial relationship" to their grandchildren.
Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan waves to supporters during a ceremony marking the last year's failed coup. (Adem Altan/AFP)
13:30 GMT
Since July 15 last year, 50,000 people have been arrested and over 100,000 fired or suspended from their jobs.
An unidentified man was shot dead by Tehran police on Saturday after carrying out a knife attack at a metro station (Wikimedia Commons)
11:30 GMT
An unidentified man was shot dead by Tehran police on Saturday after carrying out a knife attack at a metro station, Iranian state television reported.
Muslim worshippers pray perform the traditional Friday prayers on a street outside the Lion Gate as Israeli police blocks the access to Al-Aqsa Mosque on July 14, 2017 (Ahmad Gharabli/AFP)
11:14 GMT
There are fears over escalation as Arab leaders criticize Israel's "unprecedented" response to Friday's shooting.
El Salam Hospital is seen early July 15, 2017 in Hurghada, Egypt, after an Egyptian man stabbed two German tourists to death and wounded four others the previous day. (Mohamed El-Shahed/AFP)
10:00 GMT
Egypt's tourism industry, a main source of national income, has been in the doldrums since the 2011 uprising.
U.S. forces have been directly involved in anti-Daesh raids in Afghanistan's eastern regions since an offensive in early March. (AFP)
08:00 GMT
Abu Sayed, the "emir" of Daesh-Khorasan, was killed July 11 by U.S. forces during a strike on the group's headquarters in Kunar Province.
Iraqi forces (AFP)
06:00 GMT
Baghdad says it is investigating claims of severe human rights abuses by the Iraqi military, after a horrifying video emerged showing troops allegedly killing a captive by throwing over a cliff.

July 14, 2017

The Mufti of Jerusalem and Palestine, Sheikh Mohammed Hussein, passes through an iron gate as he crosses an Israeli checkpoint in the occupied West Bank city of Hebron. (AFP/ Hazem Bader)
18:00 GMT
Israeli police on Friday detained Jerusalem’s top Muslim cleric Sheikh Mohammad Hussein near Al-Aqsa mosque.
Egyptian police inspect cars at a checkpoint in North Sinai. (AFP)
16:00 GMT
Five Egyptian policemen were killed when unknown gunmen attacked a security checkpoint in Giza province, south of the capital, on Friday morning.
U.S. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson. (AFP/ Mandel Ngan)
14:00 GMT
Without making a statement or holding a news conference, US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson left the Gulf on Friday after a tour that included Kuwait, Saudi Arabia and Qatar.
US President Trump’s immigration ban has sparked mass protests. (AFP/ Jason Redmond)
12:00 GMT
A US federal judge has ruled that grandparents, grandchildren and other relatives of people in the US should be exempt from the Donald Trump travel ban on citizens of six Muslim-majority countries.
Israel is to supply millions of cubic metres of water to Palestinians including in the Gaza Strip, where a Palestinian boy is seen here cooling off with water from a jerrycan during a heatwave on July 2, 2017. (AFP)
10:00 GMT
Israel will supply millions of cubic metres of water annually to Palestinian territories, says US President Donald Trump's Middle East peace envoy.
Temple Mount, Jerusalem. (AFP)
07:38 GMT
Three attackers opened fire on Israeli police outside the Temple Mount in Jerusalem's Old City on Friday, leaving three Israelis wounded before being killed by Israeli security forces.
Qatar-based Al-Jazeera satellite channel. (AFP/ Karim Jaafar)
06:44 GMT
A quartet of Arab countries blockading Qatar could drop a key demand in their 13-point ultimatum, according to media reports.

July 13, 2017

The Islamic State has also killed killed "hundreds, if not thousands" of people, according to Amnesty. (AFP)
20:00 GMT
The report says the U.S.-led coalition killed 3,706 civilians between Feb. 19 and June 19, using numbers from Airwars, a war watchdog group.
Akbar al-Baker, chief executive of Qatar Airways, said the decision would not lead to his airline reducing services to the US. (AFP)
19:00 GMT
Qatar Airways is "disappointed" with an American Airlines decision to end its codeshare relationship with the Doha-based carrier.
An Afghan woman collects water from pump. (AFP)
17:00 GMT
Ahmad Ishchi, a leader from the vice president's own ethnic Uzbek tribe, accused Dostum and his bodyguards of beating him and then abducting and sexually assaulting him in November.
More than 2,000 people, mostly Shiites, have been killed in targeted attacks and suicide bombings in Quetta and other parts of the province in the last 10 years. (AFP)
15:00 GMT
Motorbike-riding assailants ambushed a police patrolling van on the outskirts of the provincial capital Quetta killing three policemen on the spot.
"He is flip-flopping in order to give a changing audience what it wants to hear,” says London Assembly member Andrew Boff. (AFP)
12:03 GMT
London Mayor Sadiq Khan has been accused of changing his mind three times in regards to Hezbollah in the last three weeks.
Tillerson's trip to Saudi Arabia failed to reach any fruitful consensus despite Qatar signing a memorandum of understanding with the US on combating terrorism. (AFP)
11:10 GMT
Tillerson's unexpected return to Doha comes after Wednesday's talks with Saudi Arabia's King Salman and Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman failed to end a blockade on Qatar.

Easy Taxi withdrew the ad and issued an apology on its official Facebook page on Wednesday. (twitter)
09:25 GMT
Easy Taxi/Jordan recently placed a billboard in several areas in Jordan showing a young man showing off his muscular legs, apparently in a bid to convince a taxi driver to stop and collect him.
Jarrar was charged with security-related offenses related to her membership and activities with the PFLP -- a Palestinian political party Israel considers a “terrorist” organisation. (AFP)
08:09 GMT
Palestinian Legislative Council Member Khalida Jarrar has been sentenced to six months of administrative detention by an Israeli military court.
American Airlines said on July 12, 2017, it is ending its codeshare relationships with Qatar Airways and Etihad Airways as part of its push against government subsidies of Middle Eastern carriers. (AFP)
07:44 GMT
Under obscure tax and export provisions designed decades ago to protect Israel, US companies can be punished if they accept a foreign country’s demand to comply with a boycott not supported by the United States
In 2013, ten employees of the company were accused of spreading "false news" while covering public demonstrations against the military coup that removed former president Mohamed Morsi. (shutterstock)
07:08 GMT
Egyptian Mohamed Fawzi collaborated with an Egyptian intelligence agent by providing information on the channel's programming.
US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson (R) and Saudi Foreign Minister Adel al-Jubeir shake hands prior to talks at the State Department on May 2, 2017. (AFP/Nicholas Kamm)
06:00 GMT
US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson held talks on Wednesday with four Arab states boycotting Qatar as part of a round of intense shuttle diplomacy aimed at resolving the regional crisis.

July 12, 2017

Traditionally, all Iranian presidents have been on the defensive, trying to protect their domain, while the Supreme Leader has always been on the offensive, trying to expand his orbit of power. (AFP)
19:00 GMT
Turkey-based writer Selim Celal questions whether its possible for Iran to change its current political system.
Turkish soldiers. (AFP)
18:00 GMT
Turkish security forces killed five suspected Daesh "Islamic State group" militants in the central Turkish province of Konya, as the country remains on high alert just days before the first anniversary of the failed coup.
Iraqi forces on the roof of a house on the front line in the old city of western Mosul. (AFP)
16:00 GMT
Iraqi security forces and Daesh "Islamic State militants" who have not surrendered are clashing in Mosul on Tuesday days after Iraq declared victory in the city.
Syrian refugees on their way back to Syrian. (AFP)
14:00 GMT
Several hundred displaced Syrians in Lebanon have returned home on Wednesday to the Syrian town of Asal al-Ward, the National News Agency said.
Mr Rutter is thought to have left his home in April last year in order to travel to Syria, and enlisted with the People's Protection Units, otherwise known as YPG, the following month. (DailyMail)
12:55 GMT
Luke Rutter, 24, from Birkenhead, was killed last Thursday fighting in Raqqa alongside political activist Robert Grodt, 28, from Santa Cruz, California, and 29-year-old Nicholas Warden.
People attend a protest march against Islamophobia, on October 26, 2014 in Brussels. (AFP/ Nicolas Maeterlinck)
12:00 GMT
The Islamophobia Observatory Report of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) described the growing fear against Islam and Muslims in certain parts of the world.
No casualties were reported among the heavily armed and armored Israeli forces. (AFP)
11:04 GMT
Medical sources at Khalil Suliman governmental hospital said that 17-year-old Aws Muhammad Youssif Salamah died later in the hospital after succumbing to a gunshot wound.
A displaced Syrian child and her mother, who fled the countryside surrounding the Islamic State (IS) group's stronghold of Raqa. (AFP)
10:00 GMT
Since the beginning of the Syrian war Rojava, or 'West Kurdistan' has achieved unprecedented de-facto autonomy.
Egyptian trucks carrying fuel enter the southern Gaza Strip from Egypt through the Rafah border crossing on June 21, 2017. (AFP/ Said Khatib)
09:08 GMT
Hamas’ chief of financial affairs released a statement on Tuesday saying that a delegation of Hamas leaders who had visited Egypt have reached an agreement to improve commercial exchanges and increase fuel supply.
US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson (L) speaks with Qatar's Emir Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al-Thani in Doha on Tuesday, July 11, 2017. (AFP)
08:00 GMT
The four Arab states leading the boycott of Qatar said on Tuesday that a counter-terrorism agreement signed between Doha and Washington was not sufficient and that their sanctions would remain in place until it meets their demands.
The New York Times earlier reported the email exchange showed Donald Trump Jr. was told the Russian government was the source of potentially damaging information on Clinton. (AFP)
07:58 GMT
Emails were exchanged between Donald Trump Jr. and Rob Goldstone, who helped arrange the meeting between the younger Trump and the Russian lawyer during the 2016 presidential campaign.
Regime warplane also dropped a barrel bomb on the town of Daraa in south Syria at 12.10am on Tuesday morning. (AFP)
07:40 GMT
Regime media sources said the attack was organised as part of 'Operation Big Dawn', a regime offensive to reclaim the Suweida province from the FSA with help from Russian airstrikes.

July 11, 2017

Agencies sell the visa appointment slot for somewhere in exceedance of 300 Euros, which is outright illegal and benefits solely the travel company in question. (AFP)
19:50 GMT
In the midst of increased desire for Iranians to travel abroad, illegal mafia-esque travel intermediary companies have emerged in the Islamic Republic.
More than 7,000 new cholera cases are being recorded each day in the capital Sanaa and three other areas (file photo)
18:30 GMT
The highly contagious disease is treatable, but the collapse of Yemen's infrastructure following more than two years of a Saudi-led war against Houthi rebels in the country has created a "perfect storm for cholera".
France was the first European country to place a total public ban on full-face veils in April 2011, followed by Belgium that July. (File/Photo)
16:30 GMT
According to the top European court ruling, the controversial 2011 which bans clothing that covers the face is legally grounded, and does not violate the right to respect private and family life.
The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights has said that Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi has died in Syria (file photo)
14:36 GMT
The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights has said that Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi has died in Syria.
A regime airstrike on Deraa, May 2017 (AFP)
12:43 GMT
The ceasefire brokered for southwest Syria broke down after one day on Monday
 Yemeni students sit at a final exam in a secondary school in the capital Sanaa. (AFP)
11:31 GMT
Former president Ali Abdullah Saleh has denied plans to seek to assume power in the war-torn country.
A US soldier suspected of links to the terror group Islamic State (IS) has been arrested in Hawaii (AFP)
10:30 GMT
A US soldier suspected of links to the terror group Islamic State (IS) has been arrested in Hawaii, the FBI confirmed in Washington Monday.
Erdogan sai he was 'very happy about the news that a conclusion int he battle of Mosul in being reached'. (AFP)
10:03 GMT
The Turkish leader reiterated the importance of maintaining Iraq's territorial integrity.
Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi (C) arrives in the al-Tayaran neighborhood of Mosul on July 9, 2017 to meet with military commanders after the government's announcement of the "liberation" of the embattled city. (Ahmad Al-Rubaye/AFP)
08:45 GMT
Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi on Monday evening officially announced victory over Islamic State militants in their former stronghold of Mosul.
Iraqi Counter-Terrorism Service (CTS) advance in the old city of Mosul on July 7, 2017 (Ahmad Al-Rubaye/AFP)
07:00 GMT
The Counter Terrorism Service, an elite US-trained unit, suffered the huge loss as it spearheaded the fight to drive militants out of IS's final stronghold in Iraq.