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HBO this morning. (HBO)
08:37 GMT
Hackers took over more HBO accounts today, saying they were "just testing [their] security." HBO is not pleased.
Bella Hadid is in vogue. (Karl Lagerfeld / Vogue Arabia)
07:54 GMT
The super popular Palestinian-American model has graced the cover of "Vogue Arabia."

August 16, 2017

Mohamed Ramadan in his car with his brother. (Instagram)
14:47 GMT
Mohamed Ramadan is super offended that Abdel Fattah el-Sisi has snubbed him, and is wondering if it's because he's popular.
Meanwhile, in Spain. (HBO)
13:54 GMT
The new "Game of Thrones" episode was accidentally aired.
Detail from Ayham Jabr's "Damascus Under Siege," which will be on display. (
12:56 GMT
"Transition: Contemporary Art from the Middle East" will showcase the work of 38 modern Arab artists, and will include workshops
Actor Van Kilmer. (Tinseltown /
10:57 GMT
"1st Born," starring Val Kilmer, will involve an Iranian family and an American family coming together after their children's pregnancy goes awry.
Anna Faris and Chris Pratt. ( /
09:12 GMT
Anna Faris had some choice words to say yesterday to any people stuck in an unhappy place out there, following her separation from "Guardians of the Galaxy" star Chris Pratt.
From "The Deuce," the show Marc Henry Johnson produced. (HBO)
08:50 GMT
Marc Johnson, a producer on "The Deuce," was sentenced to a year in prison for his involvement in Dr. Kristen Cerveny's death.
Blonde. James Blonde. (Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer / Columbia Pictures)
07:48 GMT
In a sitdown with Stephen Colbert, Daniel Craig, the actor who's played James Bond in "Casino Royale," "Quantum of Solace," "Skyfall," and "Spectre," revealed who'll be playing Bond in the next film.

August 15, 2017

Billy Jean is not his lover because his only love is for God. (Toronto International Film Festival)
13:14 GMT
What do Egypt and Michael Jackson have in common? "Sheikh Jackson."
Another Indian celebration: Holi. (Kertu /
11:30 GMT
India celebrates its independence from Britain on August 15th, and this year, UAE's Indians are giving the country a touch of colour.
Team Liquid wins!
09:35 GMT
You think "Dota 2" is just a game. "Dota 2" is a living.
Taylor Swift performing. (SUZANNE CORDEIRO / AFP)
09:03 GMT
Taylor Swift has won her sexual abuse case against DJ David Mueller, concluding an incident begun in 2013.
Newspapers announcing Prince's death. (Lenscap Photography /
08:39 GMT
"Love Symbol #2," named after the iconic singer's beloved shade of purple, is now officially a thing.
Star Ryan Reynolds with his family. (Kathy Hutchins /
08:00 GMT
"Deadpool 2," starring Ryan Reynolds as the titular character, has become the cause of tragedy after a stunt driver died on-set.
Leonardo! (Keizo Mori / UPI)
07:42 GMT
Academy Award-winning actor Leonardo DiCaprio will be playing his namesake da Vinci, the famous Italian polymath.

August 14, 2017

From "Ali's Wedding." (Matchbox Productions Pty Ltd)
15:16 GMT
"Ali's Wedding" is generating serious buzz!
Ghada Adel's heinous crime. (Instagram)
14:47 GMT
Ghada Adel has been spotted holding a cigarette and the world will not stand.
Actor and screenwriter. (Michael Bush / UPI)
13:40 GMT
John Bologna, who won an Emmy Award for "Acts of Love and Other Comedies" and appeared in a variety of films across decades, has passed away, his wife confirmed.
Ugh, did he just offer me his hand? (Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures)
11:37 GMT
Here’s some truth: if you have brought into this narrative you are either naive, lacking in imagination and possibly semi-educated. You lack basic critical thinking abilities. There, we went and said it.
"Do your worst."—HBO, probably. (HBO)
11:30 GMT
HBO is still in trouble. A hacker has released material from "Curb Your Enthusiasm," "The Deuce," and "Ballers," but has yet to throw-out more episodes from "Game of Thrones."
Amman depicted in a drawing. (Babayuka /
10:43 GMT
The “Identity and the City” project is seeking to evolve the meaning and culture of Jordanian cities, allowing them to retain their identities while looking forward to the future.
Miley Cyrus with father Billy Ray. (Instagram / mileycyrus)
09:41 GMT
MTV's Teen Choice Awards continue to let you know what stars teenagers do and do not love. Miley Cyrus, the Ultimate Choice Award winner, ultimately chose to not show-up.
Amir Khan. (Matt A. Scott /
09:03 GMT
Following an extraordinary, public Facebook fight, Amir Khan and Anthony Joshua have patched things-up. But is Khan still leaving Faryal?

August 13, 2017

Mahmoud Darwish. (File photo)
19:00 GMT
"Welcome to this grief-stricken land," he wrote, "whose perception in literature is more beautiful than its reality."
She seems like a nice psycho killer doll. (Warner Bros. Pictures)
18:00 GMT
"Annabelle: Creation" has taken the number 1 spot at the US box office, bringing a sense of Halloween early to October.
Detail from one of the sunflower paintings.
17:30 GMT
Vincent van Gogh's sunflower paintings have been separated for centuries. Now, at least, you can see them all together through the power of Facebook live.
John Petrucci admires his guitar neck. (TDC Photography /
16:38 GMT
Dream Theater is coming to Dubai later this year!
Luis Fonsi in front of the pyramids. (Instagram / luisfonsi)
14:00 GMT
Luis Fonsi, the guy behind "Despacito," went to Egypt. "Despacito" fans went wild.
The defendant has already appealed the primary judgement before the Appeal Court that will hold its first hearing soon | Shutterstock.
13:58 GMT
Defendant jailed after his stepson accidentally saw oral sex photos on mother’s laptop.
From "The Other Side of Hope." (B Plan)
13:26 GMT
"The Other Side of Hope," directed by Aki Kaurismaki, opened the 2017 Sarajevo Film Festival.
Not bad, Nesrin!
13:23 GMT
We would have thought that giving birth is the perfect excuse to not look like a million dollar babe…that sadly does not apply to Nesrin Sayed Abdelfattah, Mohamed Ramadan’s wife.

August 10, 2017

Untitled from Afro series, 2016 - Victor Sitali. (Maraya Art Centre)
15:00 GMT
In Dubai, the Collectivity exhibition a the Maraya Art Centre allows artists to show the power of collaboration.
The real question is what the guy at the front thought of them all. (Instagram)
10:18 GMT
Kourtney Kardashian popped-up in Egypt with her Tunisian boyfriend, delighting fans.
Detail from one of Wedad Nasser's paintings. (Wedad Nasser)
09:21 GMT
Named after Iraqi artist Wedad Alorfali, Jordanian artist Wedad Al Nasser uses paint to talk about the horrors and traumas of being exiled from home.
Undeniably, a memorable villain. (20th Century Fox)
08:35 GMT
"Avatar," James Cameron's 2009 hit film, will have four sequels, all featuring the same villain.

August 9, 2017

Ilya Repin's painting of "Eugene Onegin."
16:30 GMT
Dubai will be hosting shows of "Eugene Onegin" and "Aida." Get the details here.
Jim Carrey in the documentary. (Some Kind of Garden Media)
14:18 GMT
Actor Jim Carrey is the subject of a mini-documentary in which he makes beautiful, peaceful art to escape a broken heart.
Ghanim, a genuine champ. (YouTube / Paralympic Games)
13:30 GMT
Everyone in Qatar, including members of the royal family, have wished a social media star born without three quarters of a body well-wishes.
Ya got money, D. (YouTube)
12:54 GMT
The Forbes Middle East list of 100 Arab celebrities is out
Selena Gomez. (Jim Ruymen / UPI)
12:17 GMT
Woody Allen, the director of "Annie Hall," has cast Selena Gomez in his new movie.
Disney generally. (Disney–ABC Domestic Television)
11:30 GMT
Disney has announced it will be creating a new streaming service in 2019, removing its movies from Netflix and allowing you to watch new releases from home.
Maisie Williams and Sophie Turner. (Kathy Hutchins /
11:01 GMT
Maisie Williams (Arya) and Sophie Turner (Sansa) from "Game of Thrones" celebrated the anniversary of their meeting and posted about it.
Liam Gallagher performing. (Christian Bertrand /
10:00 GMT
Liam Gallagher, formerly of Oasis, is going to be at Dubai!
From the video. (YouTube / VoiceOver)
08:17 GMT
Lowkey is back. The Iraqi-British rapper and hip-hop artist is back to commemorate the victims of the Grenfell Tower, demanding accountability.

August 8, 2017

Dunia Batma with her husband. (Instagram / dunia_batma)
15:30 GMT
Moroccan actress Dunia Batma stirred controversy today by talking about salaries.
Khaled Bosakhar. (Facebook)
15:00 GMT
Khaled Bosakhar revealed the cause for his migraine, which has stayed with him for 15 days.
The 14th International Dubai Film Fest. (Dubai Film Festival)
13:07 GMT
The Dubai International Film Festival, one of the most prestigious in the world, will be running in December. It's time to register.
The hackers. (HBO)
11:41 GMT
Hackers are threatening HBO, demanding the network pay between $12 and $15 million or it'd release some scary information.
A Syrian oud band from 1915, in Aleppo. (Wikimedia Commons)
10:30 GMT
A forgotten aspect of Syria's destruction is the disappearance of its oud-making tradition—and the master artisans who crafted those ouds.
Islamophobe Shaun Murray. (South Wales Police / YouTube)
09:32 GMT
27 year-old Shaun Murray went full racist against Muslim fans, angering...well, everybody.
"Look! At! Those! Guns!" (20th Century Fox)
08:54 GMT
Check-out Cable, Josh Brolin's character in the upcoming sequel to "Deadpool." He looks like a nice guy.
Netflix. (Whit Welles / Wikimedia Commons)
08:25 GMT
So it begins. Netflix has become a behemoth, a whale consuming all in its path, straining for nutrients. Its most recent acquisition: Millarworld.

August 7, 2017

George Clooney and Amal Clooney. (Andrea Raffin /
16:30 GMT
We bet you didn't even know some of these Hollywood celebrities were Arabs, but you know what? Arabs got what Arabs got.
Rogena with actor Samir Ghanem. (Instagram / rogenaofficial)
13:22 GMT
Egyptian actress Rogena, who appeared on a Gulf TV show, was accused of doing it for the money. No irony was detected on part of the accuser.
Yalda Golsharifi. (Instagram / ygolsharifi)
12:48 GMT
The Iranian-Kuwaiti celebrity and ex-fashion mogul became the centre of controversy today when she shared a picture of her husband kissing her foot.
Anna Faris and Chris Pratt say bye. (DFree /
10:42 GMT
Love is dead, according to Twitter, because Chris Pratt ("Guardians of the Galaxy") and Anna Faris ("Scary Movie") are calling it quits.
The activists stood together: "No plastic." (Twitter)
09:30 GMT
The popular Lebanese band said it would use the gathered trash as part of an "art installation."
Just look at that hair. (HBO)
08:50 GMT
Move over, "Game of Thrones." The guys who did "The Wire" are releasing "The Deuce," and it looks fabulous.
From "The Dark Tower." (Columbia Pictures)
07:53 GMT
All roads lead to the Dark Tower. Especially the box office.

August 6, 2017

Jack's letter and Jack's dream of himself. (NASA / Marvel Cinematic Studios)
16:30 GMT
A self-proclaimed "Guardian of the Galaxy" has applied to NASA, hoping to become a Planetary Protection Officer.
Boxer Amir Khan. (Matt A Scott /
15:04 GMT
Boxer Amir Khan had a spectacular divorce over Twitter, and now he's feeling "gutted."
Rami Malek and Christian Slater. (Jim Ruymen / UPI)
13:48 GMT
The "Mr. Robot," crew (the show starring Rami Malek) have been, well, hacking away at season 3 of the show. And here's the trailer.
Marwan Kenzari. (Kathy Hutchins /
12:42 GMT
The upcoming "Aladdin" remake wants Dutch-Tunisian actor Marwan Kenzari for its grand vezier.
Hisham Moustafa with HRH Prince Al-Waleed bin Talal. (Photo released by SOHO Square)
10:59 GMT
Hisham Moustafa was spotted in Sharm el-Sheikh with Saudi billionaire, HRH Prince Al-Waleed bin Talal.
"This is Us." (NBC Universal)
09:09 GMT
The Television Academy has said that the NBC drama "This is Us" will lose its costume Emmy nomination because it's set in the 1970s.
Despacito. (Universal Latin)
08:20 GMT
Yep. "Despacito" is still popular. If each listen was a separate person, half the people on planet Earth will have listened to "Despacito." From reactions, this means that everything is solved.

August 5, 2017

The Karate Kid. (Columbia Pictures)
16:00 GMT
Remember "The Karate Kid"? Because YouTube wants you to remember it. It wants you to always remember it. And watch it. Again. And again. And again.
Nikohl Boosheri as Adena el-Amin on "The Bold Type." (NBCUniversal Television Distribution)
09:00 GMT
The TV show "The Bold Type" has been thrown into the limelight following the reveal that its Muslim character is a lesbian.
Indira Varma discussed Ellaria and the Sand Snakes' fate on "Game of Thrones" in a new interview. (Indira Varma / Twitter)
08:00 GMT
When you play the game of thrones, you win...or you die. The Sand Snakes are hoping they'll survive the Queen's Justice.
World's biggest heart. (Reuters)
07:00 GMT
This heart is legitimately bigger than an adult. Check-out the world's biggest heart here.

August 4, 2017

A fan stands in front of one of Radwan's murals. (Instagram / nadinkhalifa)
17:30 GMT
Mohamed Radwan, an award-winning artist from Egypt, is giving the north coast a facelift and celebrating women in the process.
Actress Riham Abdel Ghafour.
17:00 GMT
The actress, famous for her role on "Don't Extinguish the Sun," explains to her fans why she's emerged with a brand new 'do.
Farewell, Prodigy. (Gian Ehrenzeller / EPA)
16:30 GMT
Mobb Deep is no more because one half of the duo, Prodigy, passed away due to choking, the Clark County Coroner's office announced.
Actor Robert Hardy as Cornelius Fudge. (Warner Bros. Entertainment, Inc.)
16:03 GMT
The actor, who played Winston Churchill and Franklin Roosevelt, also played Cornelius Fudge in the Harry Potter films.

August 3, 2017

To better days, Doaa Salah. (Instagram / doaa_salah_dody)
15:11 GMT
Doaa Sahal has been suspended for talking about single mothers.
There is so much more we could be celebrating. (Tinseltown /
14:04 GMT
"Keeping-Up with the Kardashians" will have a 10 year anniversary to celebrate its 14 seasons. How? Why?
Ya got swag. (Marwen khatmi /
13:28 GMT
Arab swag comes to London. The London Arabia Art and Fashion Week is on, baby!
It's time for the Amman International Summer Festival! ( /
12:37 GMT
Want to shop? Shop 'til you drop. Companies from Palestine, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Syria, Pakistan, India, and Bangladesh will be there.
Mai Eidan does not like you. (Instagram / mayadiab)
11:26 GMT
In a Snapchat livestream, Mai Eidan had some very choice words to say about Maya Diab.
From the film. (Netflix)
10:31 GMT
In 1969, the United States destroyed Cambodia, a neutral country in the Vietnam War. The resulting horrors are coming to Netflix, based off Loung Ung's memoirs, and directed by Angelina Jolie.
Big Bang Theory star Jim Parsons. (Kevin Dietsch / UPI)
08:47 GMT
Please kill it already. "The Big Bang Theory" might end after its current season, season 12, the show's creator Chuck Lorre has announced.