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Hamzeh Al Maaytah at his stall. (AFP)
15:00 GMT
Bibliophiles and book lovers gathered to save a point of pride in the Jordanian capital: a progressive, pay-as-you-like bookstore run by a bibliophile.
Maziar Heidari conducting. (Mehr News Agency)
13:47 GMT
Maziar Heidari, an Iranian musician and composer residing in Canada, has received award recognition.
Tony Fisher's struggle. (YouTube / Tony Fisher)
12:58 GMT
Life is short and we are all going to die. Why reach for the stars when you could be making fidget spinners? Here's a really big one a guy in Britain invented.
Assalan those weren't even hers. (Instagram / assala_official)
12:23 GMT
Who said Arabic stars couldn't do drugs as well as their Hollywood counterparts? Not Syrian singer Assala Nasri.
Johnny Galecki arrives at the premiere of "In Time." (AP Photo)
11:41 GMT
He's probably insured. Johnny Galecki—known as Leonard off the popular show "The Big Bang Theory"—had his ranch home destroyed in a wildfire.
Mohammed al-Daradji at Heinrich Böll Foundation. (Flickr)
11:14 GMT
In an old building in Baghdad, a man sits. His name is Mohammed al-Daradji. He wants to bring back Iraqi cinema.
Assaf during his "Arab Idol" win. (MBC)
08:30 GMT
The "Arab Idol" winner released "Ma Wahashnak" on Anghami Tuesday, June 27th, his second album.
"Pretty Little Liars." (Warner Bros. Television Distribution)
08:01 GMT
The "Pretty Little Liars" cast says goodbye to their own show and the fans that carried it seven seasons.

June 27, 2017

"House of Cards." (Netflix)
17:00 GMT
How do you compete with real life when real life is Donald Trump? The writers of "Veep," "House of Cards," "Madame Secretary," and "Homeland" discuss.
Bill Cosby. (Eduardo Munoz Alvarez / AFP)
15:30 GMT
Bill Cosby's trial continues in California following a mistrial in Pennsylvania.
The band Massive Attack; Del Naja is on the right. (
14:43 GMT
An unguarded moment with DJ Goldie may have finally confirmed the most popular theory on the identity of Banksy, the popular graffiti artist.

June 26, 2017

The Gulf Coast Prize in Translation Award. (Gulf Coast Prize in Translation)
16:30 GMT
Here's hoping a few Arabic books hit the Gulf Coast Prize in Translation shortlist this year.
SEGA: It takes AGES to port out your old games for free. (Sega Games Co., Ltd.)
15:41 GMT
Sonic! Golden Axe! Comix Zone! SEGA big and small is being ported to mobile phones and tablets for your pleasure, and it won't cost you a penny.
Girlboss. (Netflix)
14:42 GMT
Netflix CEO Reed Hastings cannot stop murdering TV shows. "We're too good! We're too good!" he says, scurrying around Netflix HQ. "We need to axe more shows." And axe he did.

June 25, 2017

Aaron Carter. (John Angelillo - UPI)
20:30 GMT
Aaron Carter has been teased into a hospital bed.
Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. (Gulf News)
20:02 GMT
"Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs" will be gracing the Dubai stage.
"He's nobody's daddy but mine."—Drake fans, probably. (Instagram / champagnepapi)
19:00 GMT
Drake, who is expecting child with former adult actress Sophie Brussaux, tempted the wrath of fans (and misogyny) when Brussaux announced her pregnancy.

June 24, 2017

"The City Always Wins." (Faber & Faber / MCD)
14:30 GMT
Omar Robert Hamilton's debut novel has released to wide critical acclaim. If you're done reading
"Cougars on set, you say?" (20th Century Fox)
13:30 GMT
"Titanic" star Kate Winslet was prevented from acting alongside an actual lion for her new movie, which was a disappointment (for her, as well as the lion).
You just before you read this article. (NBC)
12:41 GMT
"Friends" star Lisa Kudrow doesn't want to disappoint you, but she will: there is no "Friends" spinoff coming, now...or ever.
Ah, on-and-off l'amour. (Instagram / bellathorne / letthelordbewithyou)
12:15 GMT
The ongoing saga of Scott Disick continues as he and Bella Thorne are spotted holding hands.

June 23, 2017

20 years on. (Bloomsbury / Scholastic)
14:00 GMT
The first Harry Potter book will turn 20 Monday. Read a look back within.
Visitors at Abu Dhabi Art 2016; a floor piece by Hussain Sharif (foreground). (Gulf News)
13:00 GMT
Visitors at Abu Dhabi Art 2016; a floor piece by Hussain Sharif (foreground). (Gulf News)
Academy-Award winning director Ron Howard. (TIZIANA FABI - AFP)
11:53 GMT
The Han Solo standalone film, which was being directed by Phil Lord and Chris Miller, has found a new director in Ron Howard, the man behind efforts like "A Beautiful Mind" and "In the Heart of the Sea."

June 22, 2017

"Coal blimey!" (HBO)
20:32 GMT
Murray Energy is suing HBO after John Oliver's report on them last Sunday, which criticised the false promises of coal industry leaders in the US and companies' treatment of workers.
From "The Seven Year Itch." (Twentieth Century Fox)
14:30 GMT
Beware, Cleopatra: there's a new queen in town and she's decidedly unforgettable. A new Marilyn Monroe statue in Egypt is turning heads and opening mouths.
Jennifer Lopez is Coming Back to Dubai! (Zarina Fernandez - GULFNEWS ARCHIVE)
13:41 GMT
Jennifer Lopez will be returning to perform in Dubai. Deets inside.
Tamim Barghouti. (Interlink Books)
09:33 GMT
Tamim Barghouti, the son of poet Mourid and novelist Radwa Ashour, discusses the challenges of translating Arabic poetry into English.
Kim Kardashian with daughter Saint. (Instagram / KimKardashian)
08:40 GMT
The parents of North and Saint West probably want to add baby Wild to their repertoire by having a surrogate mother...or so rumour has it.
The Night King is waiting for that release date. (HBO)
08:12 GMT
The new Game of Thrones trailer has launched. Winter is here, baby, but things look to get a little...explosive.

June 21, 2017

Steven Moffat winning awards, as always. (Phil McCarten/UPI)
17:24 GMT
"Sherlock" co-creators and "Doctor Who" writers Steven Moffat and Mark Gatiss are reuniting to bring another Victorian novel to TVs near you: Dracula.
This just seemed appropriate. From "Inside Out." (Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures)
12:59 GMT
A lawsuit has been lodged against Disney for their movie "Inside Out" by Denise Daniels.
Fayrouz and Rahbany.
10:44 GMT
The iconic Lebanese singer is 81. Can she still bring her A-game to her music? She attempts to answer with her song "Lameen."
From 2012's "Lincoln." (20th Century Fox)
09:10 GMT
Daniel-Day Lewis, one of the most selective actors in Hollywood history and the Academy Award-winning talent in films like "Gangs of New York" and "There Will Be Blood," is retiring.
Phil Lord and Chris Miller. (James Atoa/UPI)
08:46 GMT
Phil Lord and Chris Miller, directors of "The Lego Movie," have departed the standalone Han Solo movie.

June 20, 2017

Zeina Hashem Beck. (
17:30 GMT
"You have to be careful...not to use other people′s suffering for a poem." Lebanese poet Zeina Hashem Beck talks about poetry, responsibility, and her new book, "Louder Than Hearts."
King Kong's got another thing coming. (Original Image: Warner Bros. Pictures)
16:30 GMT
The MonsterVerse will continue with "Godzilla: King of the Monsters," which starts production today and is getting ready to go claw-to-claw with other big scary monsters of its ilk.
Mashrou' Leila in Morocco. (Facebook / Mashrou' Leila)
11:44 GMT
Jordan has barred popular Lebanese band Mashrou' Leila once again, perhaps banning it. The band, the government said, does not reflect "Jordanian customs and traditions." Al Bawaba decided to ask locals what they knew about the band and the customs and traditions supposedly being violated.
The Book of Gaza. (Carcanet Press Ltd.)
10:30 GMT
The complete 2018 PEN Translate Award nominees was released, with Palestinians, Syrians, and women rocking the list. Details inside!
"Don't Extinguish the Sun." (CBC)
09:00 GMT
The biggest criticism against "Don't Extinguish the Sun" is that it betrays Egyptian values. But is that even the point?
Jose Alberto Gutierrez. (YouTube / Columbia Javen)
08:09 GMT
Once upon a time, Jose Gutierrez noticed a copy of "Anna Karenina" in a bin. He decided he'd give books the happily ever after ending they deserved.
The late Carrie Fisher: actress, writer, script doctor. (ANGELA WEISS / GETTY / AFP)
06:00 GMT
Carrie Fisher, the Star Wars actress who passed from cardiac arrest in December, died with traces of hard drugs in her bloodstream, a toxicology report reveals.

June 19, 2017

The late, great Aldo Rock. (Khaleej Times)
14:30 GMT
Aldo Rock, Dubai's resident "guitar doctor" and a prominent figure in the Emirati rock scene for two decades, has passed away. His fans and proteges will pay tribute. Get the details here.
Bill Cosby's freedom stands on the line after a litany of sexual assault accusations spanning decades. (EDUARDO MUNOZ ALVAREZ / AFP)
13:00 GMT
Despite what Bill Cosby's lawyers say, a mistrial is just that: a mistrial. It is a reset. It is not an acquittal.
Shubbak Festival 2017! (Shubbak Festival)
11:13 GMT
Readings, songs, discussions: Arabic poetry will grace London at this year's (exciting as always) Shubbak Festival!
Alwiya al-Thani. (Arab News)
10:00 GMT
Alwyiya Al-Thani and Rami Yasin ("The Worthy," "Zinzana") will be representing the UAE at Global Media Makers
He knows you've missed him. (20th Century Fox)
09:00 GMT
"Deadpool" star Ryan Reynolds is teasing the new not-superhero movie by publishing pictures on-set.
Don't Extinguish the Sun. (CBC)
08:19 GMT
The Internet has decided that, when it comes to love stories this Ramadan, the one couple that can't think straight is the only one that actually matters.
But how do they breed? (Walt Disney Entertainment, Inc.)
07:54 GMT
The new Disney-Pixar venture zoomed past Wonder Woman to take gold at the US box office this weekend.

June 18, 2017

Elissa herself.
14:07 GMT
"Zakaria" documents the Lebanese superstar's attempts at coming to terms with her h
Probably what Kim Kardashian looked like Tweeting. (E! Network)
12:00 GMT
Who said Beyonce's babies needed all the spotlight? Not Kim Kardashian.
More like Lady Java. (Twitter / Starbucks)
11:23 GMT
Lady Gaga is working at a Starbucks in LA, serving people their coffee. No reports on how joke names affect her po-po-po-poker face.
The "Arrest Warrant" poster. (El Sobky Production)
10:25 GMT
The industry, which has been dead since the 2011 revolution, seems to be back on track, with bigger budgets given to more diverse genres of film.
Showing off that baby bump. (beyonce / Instagram)
09:08 GMT
Queen Bey and her husband Jay-Z have became proud parents to baby twins just a few hours ago.

June 17, 2017

Director John Avildsen. (Matt Winkelmeyer - GETTY IMAGES NORTH AMERICA - AFP)
20:01 GMT
Oscar-winning director John Avildsen passed away Friday. His two most famous stars, Sylvester Stallone ("Rocky") and Ralph Macchio ("The Karate Kid"), paid him homage.
Cosby arriving at the first date of court. (Mark Makela / Getty Images)
17:59 GMT
Bill Cosby, once a beloved comedian turned subject of numerous sexual assault accusations, will walk free on bond following a hung jury.
The Bomb Guys. (Rotana TV)
16:39 GMT
The popular TV show might find that its fuse will be short, the Saudi Arabian government has warned, because it's becoming too provocative for the "ultraconservative" kingdom.
Attendees arrive at E3 2017. (Jim Ruymen/UPI)
12:23 GMT
Between new "Assassin's Creed" and "Super Mario" games, smaller fare gets lost in the noise. Here is a look at some of the smaller games making a splash at E3 2017.

June 16, 2017

Patton Oswalt. (Robyn Peck / AFP)
16:00 GMT
Patton Oswalt is moving on. The husband's late wife, the writer Michelle McNamara, was a brilliant true crime writer and investigator who passed away last year.
Chris Brown. (Jim Ruymen/UPI)
15:00 GMT
Chris Brown's misogyny lands him in trouble yet again. Stop hating women, Chris.
The cast; Malek is on the far right. (CBC)
14:24 GMT
The star of Egyptian drama "Don't Extinguish the Sun" Ahmed Malek is forced to clarity that he hasn't killed himself after being arrested at a Satanic ritual.
Ramez Galal and Faridah. (Facebook / Ramez Galal)
12:46 GMT
Whether done for publicity or because he actually cares, Ramez Galal went to visit a cancer patient at hospital who had expressed her desire to meet him.

June 15, 2017

Contemplating the horizon. (Lucasfilm)
18:11 GMT
Al Bawaba's look at the making of and importance of "Star Wars" reaches its epic—in the original mythological sense—conclusion.
Adam West as Batman. (Warner Bros. Entertainment, Inc.)
15:39 GMT
The "Batman" star died Saturday. LA paid him tribute in the way a former Batman deserves.
The Palestine Book Awards are as exciting as ever! (Middle East Monitor)
10:31 GMT
The prestigious prize, which seeks to promote English both fiction and nonfiction on Palestine and the Palestinian Cause, has announced its 2017 shortlist. We take a look at the nominees.
Tarek and ex-wife Christine El Moussa. (Christine Chew/UPI)
06:30 GMT
The "Flip or Flop" star is attempting to raise money for Frank Miller, a contractor on the show battling two "very aggressive forms of cancer."

June 14, 2017

A shot from the show. (DMC)
14:30 GMT
Director Mohammed El Adl weighs-in on the twists and turns in this year's Egyptian drama.