360 MALL Hosts Zawaya Al Shaghaf Public Awareness Programme

360 MALL Hosts Zawaya Al Shaghaf Public Awareness Programme
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Published October 12th, 2010 - 09:47 GMT

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360 MALL, Kuwait's most exciting luxury shopping centre today announced that it will be hosting a series of talent-oriented activities in collaboration with Zawaya Al Shaghaf (The Corners of Passion) and Zawaya, the public awareness group that trained and supervised the work, with an aim to raise more awareness on human values that include peace, tolerance, respect, and investing in individuals' talents. The activities, which will take place at 360 Exhibition Hall, will commence on the 14th of October, and conclude on the 16th of the same month.

Claudia Lopusinska, 360 MALL's Marketing Manager said: "We are delighted to be hosting this unique programme, which sheds light on creative individuals' talents, and highlights the importance of core human values that include tolerance, pluralism, ethics, dedication and public work."

"The programme will include a collection of inspiring artworks, creative performances, a photo gallery, an arts exhibition, and many more exciting activities that are aligned with our vision of supporting and promoting cultural activities," added Lopusinska.

Dalal Al Suleity, Coordinator of Zawaya Al Shaghaf (The Corners of Passion) said: We are proud to be continuing our activities for the second consecutive year, and join our voices together and by celebrating the different types of passions and creative talents found in Kuwait's future generations. Our aim is to bring these passions to life and utilize them in effective means that effectively contribute to our thriving community through civic contribution and engagement. Our activities would not have been possible though with the support of our partners 360 Mall, Cinescape, Al Rayan Holding, Kuwait Financial Center, Mena Holding, and Marina FM."

With a focus and commitment to bringing new and exciting cultural, artistic and educational events, 360 MALL is fast-becoming the must-visit luxury destination for shoppers in Kuwait. The mall now includes 116 opened stores, as well as innovative facilities such as the remarkable Gardens, and the popular entertainment centre, which has been designed to the highest international standards and specifications of world-class leisure venues. 

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