Al-Markazia launches “Power of Color” workshop in cooperation with Jordan River Foundation

Al-Markazia launches “Power of Color” workshop in cooperation with Jordan River Foundation
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Published October 5th, 2010 - 14:02 GMT

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Al-Markazia (Central Trade and Auto Company), the exclusive dealer for Toyota and Lexus and Hino vehicles in the Kingdom, recently launched a workshop for the students of Hosban Secondary School under the heading of "The Power of Color" and in cooperation with the Jordan River Foundation.

Hosban Secondary School is adopted by the company under the Madrasati initiative.

The workshop, which began last month, is divided into four phases that extend over a period of two months. This workshop differs from other educational endeavors in its targeting of teachers and parents, not the students themselves, guided by the notion that the success of the educational process does not solely depend on the students but on these other constituents as well. The workshop aims to highlight the importance of establishing a solid educational backdrop in order to strengthen the teaching process and improve its sustainability.

Four main subjects are covered during the sessions. First is "Power of Color," which aims to bolster the students' artistic awareness, motivating them to use their creativity and imagination, and encouraging them to express their feelings using non-verbal communication like illustrations and artwork.

The second subject is "Everything Has a Value", which is geared towards parents and aims to encourage them to think about the value of used items, raising their awareness on environmental preservation and developing their creative skills through turning used items into pieces of marketable art and products.

The third subject, "We are Different but yet Alike", educates school teachers on how to help students discover their identities, shape their futures and make decisions related to both. The subject further gives guidance to the teachers on how to empower their students to deal with and alter their circumstances, in addition to fostering tolerance by helping the children accept the inherent differences between people.

The final subject, "Together We Can Build Our Country", is also directed at school teachers, encouraging them to raise students' awareness to their rights and responsibilities, enhance their self-awareness and ability to identify feelings towards themselves and others, encourage their positive thinking towards their surrounding, and develop their feelings of belonging towards their community and country.

The first two phases of the workshop have successfully concluded. Omar Hawamdeh, a teacher participating in the workshop, expressed his gratitude to Al-Markazia and JRF for organizing this valuable workshop, saying: "We as teachers are now able to identify the most important attributes that shape the characters of children and students of different age groups. We have also learned how to deal with the children by encouraging them to express their feelings through various colors".

The workshop will continue until mid November of this year to cover the remaining topics. This workshop comes under the cooperation agreement signed in June between Al-Markazia and the Queen Rania Family and Child Center (QRFMC) operating under the Jordan River Foundation. 

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