Alfardan Properties highlights continuing demand for luxury real estate projects in Qatar

Alfardan Properties highlights continuing demand for luxury real estate projects in Qatar
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Published November 7th, 2010 - 07:45 GMT

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Alfardan Properties, an innovative leader in Qatar's property and real estate industry, is experiencing increased demand for its luxury property offerings and value-added services despite the current global economic climate. Alfardan's 20 years of dominance in the premium and luxury property segment and its reputation as an innovator in its field is helping the company to attract an ever-increasing client base.

The company's positive growth outlook has been influenced by Qatar's fast-growing reputation as a premier leisure and lifestyle destination in the Middle East, wherein a growing number of residents are seeking properties that best reflect the refinement and heritage embodied by the country. Alfardan Properties has been proven to be the best provider for such a demand, aside from being a leader in value-added real estate services.

Adhering to its core business values of integrity, trust and premium service, Alfardan Properties also affirmed its commitment to manage properties characterised by world-class workmanship and service excellence, and to offer signature luxury lifestyle that has come to be associated with Alfardan Properties. The company's continuing thrust to maintain the highest quality standards in all its property offerings, along with its unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction, has also been credited for helping generate greater interest and building confidence in Qatar's real estate market, particularly from a growing international audience.

Reinforcing its positive growth outlook, Alfardan Properties has pointed out that Central Bank has declared in the local publications on the October 31, 2010 that the national economy will achieve a real growth of 16 per cent in 2010, improving from the 9 per cent growth forecast in 2009. This is expected to further drive demand for real estate and related property management services in the country, especially those that cater to the luxury end of the market.

Established as a brand synonymous with luxury and excellence, Alfardan Properties has been able to successfully capitalise on the company's extensive experience and expanding professional expertise to pursue new and innovative projects that are in line with the changing dynamics of Qatar's property market. Being a long-time market leader and innovator, Alfardan Properties has also been recognised as a driving force in further enhancing the growth prospects of the real estate sector and ultimately helping maintain long-term economic stability.

Alfardan Properties has also been behind several iconic landmarks in Qatar such as the Alfardan Towers, a fusion of residential and commercial amenities in a luxurious development; Alfardan Plaza, located at the heart of Doha City and home to several prominent companies and enterprises; and its flagship project Alfardan Center, one of the first state-of-the-art buildings to rise in Doha's Bank Street. The Center's granite-clad façade and majestic columns strongly reflect the rich traditions and cultural heritage of the area, while highlighting the prestige and exclusivity of the Alfardan brand.

Alfardan Properties is involved in many of Qatar's prestigious residential and commercial destinations, including One Porto Arabia, the first property available for lease on 'The Pearl Qatar,' an iconic man-made island; Laguna Beach, the exclusive villa compound in the West Bay Lagoon; Kempinski Residences & Suites, which has been credited for establishing new national benchmarks for luxury residences; and the residential Alfardan Gardens.

Building on the success of its business interests, Alfardan Properties has ventured into a new domain with the creation of a new high-end spa at Alfardan Towers, introducing a wide selection of products from the renowned (Guerlain) brand, offering a ray of elite services that target individuals looking for pampering and those seeking treatment for health-related issues. The spa specialises in comprehensive health and wellness care in an environment that integrates conventional and holistic methods with a definitive sensorial experience of a medi-spa. With more than 60 health and beauty therapies that nurture the skin, body, and well being, the spa provides a unique and exceptional experience in day and destination spas which caters to an elite and high net-worth audience. The new spa facility has further expanded Alfardan Properties' core competencies and its expertise in the delivery of luxury services.

Established in 1990, Alfardan Properties is part of the continuously expanding Alfardan Group of Companies, Qatar's most successful conglomerate over the past 50 years known for its unyielding commitment to provide the Qatari market with the finest products and services. From a 10-person team Alfardan Properties has grown into a workforce of nearly 500 people collaborating on ambitious, groundbreaking projects that reinforce Qatar's reputation as a haven for luxury properties.

Alfardan Properties' services and property offerings revolve around the company's mission of delivering the best possible experience for customers. Renowned for its focus on developments that offer the best in all aspects, from customised architectural design to the finest finishes that match the distinct preferences of customers, the company has also assembled a well-trained customer support team that assists customers with all their requirements when leasing properties. 

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