Alpen Capital launches its operations in Bahrain

Alpen Capital launches its operations in Bahrain
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Published September 20th, 2010 - 10:06 GMT

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Alpen Capital (Bahrain) BSC has been granted an 'Investment Business Firm – Category 3' license by the Central Bank of Bahrain.

The license will enable Alpen Capital to provide corporate advisory services such as debt advisory, mergers & acquisitions advisory and equity advisory.

The Alpen Capital Group launched its operations in Dubai in 2005. Since then, it has expanded its operations to Doha, Muscat, Mumbai and New Delhi. Over the last five years, the Group has executed debt advisory / joint ventures / mergers and acquisitions transactions worth over USD 5 Billion for some of the largest business groups in the Middle East.

Alpen Capital operates in Bahrain along with its associate, Sarasin-Alpen which announced its operations in August 2010. In all their locations, Sarasin-Alpen and Alpen Capital function through a unique business model where in the private banking advisory services of Sarasin-Alpen complement the investment banking capabilities of Alpen Capital.

Bahrain : Another step towards GCC expansion

"We are pleased with their decision to expand operations in Bahrain by establishing Alpen Capital (Bahrain) as a Category 3 Investment Business Firm to operate alongside Sarasin-Alpen (Bahrain) which was also recently licensed by the CBB as a subsidiary of Bank Sarasin & Co. says Ahmed Al-Bassam, Director of Licensing & Policy, Central Bank of Bahrain

"We are delighted to have been granted the license to operate in Bahrain. There are many exciting business opportunities in Bahrain and we hope to use our expertise to provide value added services to our clientele." says Rohit Walia, Executive Vice Chairman & CEO, Alpen Capital Group.

"The GCC is a very important market for us and establishing a presence in Bahrain brings us one step closer to expanding our reach in the GCC." says Fidelis M Goetz, Member of the Board, Alpen Capital Group 

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