Arab Parliament Asks U.S. Congress to Remove Sudan from List of State Sponsoring Terrorism

Published July 2nd, 2018 - 05:48 GMT
Flags of 22 members of the Arab League (Shutterstock/File Photo)
Flags of 22 members of the Arab League (Shutterstock/File Photo)

The Arab Parliament will send a request to the U.S. Congress to remove Sudan from the US list of state sponsors of terrorism, its speaker Mishaal bin Fahm al Salami announced on Sunday.

In a joint press conference with Sudanese Minister of State at the Sudanese Foreign Ministry Osama Faisal, Salami said that an Arab Parliament committee held a meeting to mull the possibility for implementing a pan-Arab body's operational plan to drop Sudan from the U.S. list.

The plan will be reviewed by the parliament during its upcoming session on Wednesday before being endorsed and implemented, Salami added.

The plan includes sending a letter to U.S. congressmen, notably speakers of the U.S.House of Representatives and the Senate on this matter, he explained.

Salami also pointed out that the plan is not a secret, and the Arab Parliament is coordinating with the Arab League and the African Parliament to mobilize efforts towards achieving that goal.



According to the plan, the secretaries-general of the Arab League, the Organization of Islamic Countries, OIC, and the African Union will be requested to issue a joint message addressed to the U.S. Secretary of State to remove Sudan from the list.

Salami said he appreciated the role of some Arab countries in ending the U.S. economic sanctions against Sudan last year.

He said that Sudan plays a vital regional and international role. He shed light on Sudan's contributions to the recently signed ceasefire agreement in South Sudan as well as its assistance in combating terrorism and supporting the Arab Coalition in Yemen.

Removing Sudan from this list should be seriously considered, Salami stressed.

“It was agreed during the meeting between the Sudanese delegation and the Arab Parliament on the elements of the executive action plan, which will be implemented during the coming period to remove Sudan from the U.S. list,” Faisal said.

Faisal noted that the plan is a sincere Arab initiative to support Sudan, which has unfairly and bluntly been on this list since 1993.

He said that his country’s delegation briefed the Arab Parliament on "the efforts of various Sudanese institutions to lift the name of Khartoum from this list, and the discussion that is currently taking place between Sudan and the United States in this regard”.


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