Bahrain Ministry of Social Development adopts Novell technology, reduces IT support workload by up to 60 per cent

Bahrain Ministry of Social Development adopts Novell technology, reduces IT support workload by up to 60 per cent
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Published September 21st, 2010 - 07:27 GMT

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Rashid AlMadani

Bahrain's Ministry of Social Development (MOSD) has recently implemented the Novell Open Enterprise solution, which has resulted in a more stable, secure, flexible and cost-efficient IT infrastructure, while helping reduce up to 60 per cent of the Ministry's IT support workload. Novell, the leader in Intelligent Workload Management (IWM), has likewise helped MOSD successfully streamline and automate user and desktop management within its offices, keeping skilled technicians free to focus on more important tasks.

MOSD deployed the Novell Identity Manager and Novell SecureLogin, which provides single sign-on capabilities, to simplify user administration and control access to sensitive data, while the Novell ZENworks Configuration Management and Novell eDirectory give MOSD's IT administrator full control over users, their desktops and the data shared among them, significantly enhancing the level of security while enabling the IT staff to carry out maintenance and support services remotely.

Rashid AlMadani, IT Director, MOSD, said: "We have compared competing technologies in the market and found that the Novell Open Enterprise solution was far more superior in terms of stability, security and overall performance. Aside from being a best-of-breed solution, Novell has also helped us achieve value-added benefits through significant cost savings and improving our ability to fast-track various tasks. Moreover, the Novell solution, particularly the Novell ZENworks Configuration Management, has helped us reduce our IT support workload by at least 60 percent, giving greater flexibility for our IT staff to focus more on testing and adopting new technologies and improving performance."

Diyaa Zebian, Managing Director, Novell Middle East & North Africa, added: "The MOSD has been a pioneer in adopting open source technologies in Bahrain, which is in line with the Kingdom's 'Vision 2030' strategy that strongly encourages Ministries to cut costs, increase flexibility and improve productivity through open source solutions. Novell is pleased to have contributed in realising the strategic objectives of the government. We will leverage our successful collaboration with the Ministry of Social Development to reach out and help other government agencies in enhancing the performance of their IT infrastructure."

Novell helped define the corporate network in the early 1980s and continues to leverage more than 20 years of expertise in business technology to help enterprises enhance operating flexibility at lower total cost of ownership. Recognised as a global leader in Intelligent Workload Management systems, the company provides solutions and support to over 50,000 companies in 43 countries. 

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