Bahrain Polytechnic Holds "Hands Up for Peace” BBQ

Bahrain Polytechnic Holds "Hands Up for Peace” BBQ
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Published November 29th, 2010 - 14:22 GMT

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Bahrain Polytechnic, the Kingdom's leading professional and technical training institution, recently celebrated the "International Day for the Prevention of Exploitation of the Environment in War" and the "World Science Day of Peace" by hosting a "Hands up for Peace" barbeque for its students and staff. The Day was celebrated through works of art portraying the theme of Peace, inspired by Picasso's Dove of Peace. This function came as part of the Bahrain Polytechnic's approach towards community work and their continuous commitment and cooperation with the United Nations.

Bahrain Polytechnic organised the "Hands up for Peace" BBQ at the Isa Town campus where students and staff were invited. An art gallery showing their work and internationally acclaimed work portraying the theme of peace is part of the Bahrain Polytechnics ambition to raise knowledge of international movements and events. This unique event brought students and staff together to celebrate a globally important cause in a friendly and lively environment. 

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