Business Software Alliance conducts Judicial Round Table meeting with The UAE Judicial Taining Institutions

Business Software Alliance conducts Judicial Round Table meeting with The UAE Judicial Taining Institutions
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Published November 23rd, 2010 - 11:37 GMT

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Business Software Alliance (BSA), the world's foremost advocate for the software industry, has announced that it has recently concluded a Judicial Round Table meeting with the UAE Judges, prosecuters and specialist concerns the IPRs in the Ministry of Justice, and the local Courts in line with BSA's ongoing thrust to involve key government institutions in the region-wide anti-piracy campaign.

The Judicial Round Table is one of BSA's regional initiatives to strengthen collaboration between BSA and the government ministries across the GCC. Representatives from BSA and the UAE Ministry of Justice and other local courts, Judicial bodies and authorities conducted high-profile discussions on various issues, potential joint initiatives and programs aimed at further improving the UAE's reputation as a global leader in the fight against piracy.

Dr. Mohamed Al Kamali, GD, UAE Institute of training & Judicial Studies, said: "We greatly appreciate BSA's aggressive campaign against piracy in the region. The Judicial Round Table has been an effective platform to explore important issues and discuss various ways for the judiciary to become much more effective in helping prevent the spread of piracy. The UAE has been a leading figure in fighting piracy and it is certainly greatly beneficial for the country to leverage its strategic ties with BSA to further improve the UAE's anti-piracy performance." Dr. Jamal Alsumaiti GD of Dubai Judicial Institution and Consuler Hassan Anis GD of Abu Dhabi Academy of Judicial Trainig assured that this joint roundtable between the public and private sector strength the awareness and protection of IPRs rights.

Jawad Al Redha, Chair, BSA Gulf region, said: "The cooperation and active support of the UAE Judicial Authority will be crucial as we continue to intensify our fight against counterfeiting syndicates. The Judicial Round Table has been an excellent platform to discuss strategies and joint undertakings that will further strengthen and unify our anti-piracy efforts. The BSA will continue to introduce new avenues to cultivate the support of key governmental institutions and further expand our network of allies across the GCC."

BSA has been a leading figure in the global fight against cyber criminality through initiatives that focus on educating consumers and providing assistance to authorities in conducting anti-piracy enforcement activities. Established in 1988, BSA has programs in more than 80 countries worldwide, including the Middle East where the IT sector has been posting record growth rates. 

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