CAV International Wins Kuwait Air Terminal Contract Renewal

CAV International Wins Kuwait Air Terminal Contract Renewal
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Published August 16th, 2010 - 08:37 GMT

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CAV International Inc., a US Government outsourcing contractor with expertise in airfield services & logistics, announces that the United States Transportation Command (USTRANSCOM) has awarded CAV International a new multi-year contract for Air Terminal and Ground Handling Services at Kuwait International Airport (Abdullah al Mubarak Air Base) in Kuwait. CAV International has operated this contract since September 2006 and the new contract extends the service period until 2014. This success follows other recent contract awards by the company. CAV (pronounced as in "cavalry") is a subsidiary of Ranger International Services Group, a private equity consolidator specialized in aerospace/defense services. CAV International has successfully operated the US Department of Defense's largest contracted Aerial Port of Debarkation (Kuwait) on behalf of the USTRANSCOM over the last four years. The Kuwait airfield operation is a major air logistics hub for that critical region. CAV International's daily successful coordination with the US Air Force leadership in Kuwait has provided the US government with a lean, highly efficient business model that provides a superior level of service for supporting USAF operations. CAV International corporate and Kuwait based leadership teams have focused on providing the US Government customer with an operation that is both cost effective and operationally excellent at the same time. To provide the DOD with the best possible operation, CAV International has made extensive improvements in the past two years that went above and beyond normal expectations, despite the firm fixed price contract framework:

-- Multi-million dollar capital investments in contractor furnished
-- Upgrading all CAV airfield equipment for better night visibility
-- Expansion and improvement of the on-site management team
-- Numerous safety initiatives large and small, even voluntarily
re-striping the paint lines on the tarmac at CAV expense
-- Quality initiatives to improve the flow of equipment, cargo, and
aircraft in a difficult operational environment on a crowded ramp area

CAV International, with head offices in Greenville SC, operates in the military outsourcing arena, and has an established reputation for quality, reliability, and cost-effectiveness in its performance for the US Government. The company maintains a lean cost model, and is able to offer its Government and Prime Contractor customers an absolute cost advantage and measurably superior quality metrics on a consistent basis. In 2009, CAV performed over 625,000 man-hours of quality-driven professional services, handled over 16,000 USAF airplanes across 19 time zones, processed over 848,000 in-transit military passengers, and managed over 140,000 tons of cargo. Considered to be experts at Airfield Services & Logistics, CAV International currently serves USTRANSCOM and the USAF Air Mobility Command at numerous locations, including the DOD's and USTRANSCOM's most active contracted aerial port in the world, in Kuwait.

Bill McLendon, Chief Operating Officer of CAV International, said: "Our team never stops working with customers to find new ways to keep improving. That keeps us very positive and energized." McLendon, a US Air Force Academy graduate, continued: "CAV's constant focus on quality, safety, and F.A.R. compliance continues to fuel our successes around the globe."

CAV International is one of the three operating subsidiaries of Ranger International Services Group, Inc. Ranger is a private equity consolidation platform created by Ranger Aerospace LLC, First New England Capital, Argosy Capital, Plexus Capital, and other investors and limited partners. CAV International, Inc. was ranked #573 on the coveted "Inc. 5000" with three-year sales growth of 471% from 2005 through December 31, 2008. Sister companies of CAV are US Logistics and Ranger TechWorks.

Steve Townes, Ranger Aerospace founder and CEO of Ranger International Services Group, said: "We are proud to keep expanding our role with the Air Force. This important contract victory is a tribute to all of the great people in CAV International, and to its founder Mr. Carroll Vaughan." 

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