CGGVeritas Oman Crew Passes Safety Milestone

CGGVeritas Oman Crew Passes Safety Milestone
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Published September 21st, 2010 - 13:57 GMT

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Salim Al-Rawahi
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On August 13, 2010, our land acquisition crew operating in Oman through our Middle East joint venture Ardiseis completed six years of continuous operations without any Lost Time Incident (LTI).

This achievement represents more than 15 million man-hours, based on 24 hours per day per person, of safe operations by a crew that has been operating 24/7 since June 2008 with over 450 personnel and approximately 120 vehicles in the field. Operating conditions include hostile terrain such as steep jebels and rocky wadis coupled with difficult desert temperatures.

The crew is currently acquiring a very large high-density 3D seismic program utilizing an advanced vibroseis technique, DSSS* (Distance Separated Simultaneous Sweeping), in which two vibrators shake separate VPs simultaneously to allow a 'doubling' of production.

Salim Al-Rawahi, Chief Geophysicist, PDO, said: "The 6 years LTI free represents more than 15 million man-hours of safe work. Over this period the crew has been involved in many medium- to high-risk activities, making this achievement even more significant. In the last two years, the increase in the crew size and the 24/7 operations, to name a few, amplified the need to increase the vigilance in managing HSE. In the end, the commitment of the crew to make HSE an integral part of their day-to-day tasks has made all the difference."

Stephan Midenet, Executive Vice President, Land, CGGVeritas, said: "We have always emphasized the importance of delivering HSE excellence worldwide and are focused on developing quality and safety programs tailored to the local environment where we operate. Our Oman crew is an excellent example of the success of our collaborative approach with our client PDO and our partner Taqa in Ardiseis and is testimony to our ability to deliver well managed, safe operations in full respect of the environment. The crew should be commended for their continued success and their impeccable performance." 

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