Dohaland Wins Arabian Business Special CSR Award

Dohaland Wins Arabian Business Special CSR Award
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Published September 28th, 2010 - 14:42 GMT

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Doha, September 28, 2010: Dohaland was awarded the prestigious Arabian Business ‘Special Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Award’ at the inaugural Arabian Business Qatar Awards 2010, held at the Doha Four Seasons hotel on Monday.


A panel of leading editorial and industry judges bestowed the award on Dohaland for their outstanding and continuing social contributions to the Qatari community which included numerous social initiatives in the fields of sustainability, environment, heritage, community interaction and youth development.


Eng. Issa M. Al Mohannadi, CEO of Dohaland, said: “It is an honour to be the inaugural winners of the Arabian Business CSR awards for Qatar and it gives us great pride to be recognised for our contribution in this field, especially among such distinguished nominees. Our various initiatives are an extension of our dedication to our core values of sustainability, heritage, promoting knowledge sharing and community interaction. We will strive to maintain our leadership role in this domain."


Dohaland ran various CSR initiatives aimed at enriching lives, fostering innovation, promoting sustainability and preserving Qatari heritage. Dohaland’s initial successful CSR initiatives involved activities to inspire the younger generation with environmental awareness and to instill a sense of ownership for the future of their country. Using art as a catalyst, Dohaland was able to engage 58 schools with over 3000 children between the ages of 8 and 14, drawing, sketching/ painting their ideas of the city of their dreams.


A year-old Dohaland CSR commitment, the Future Affiliate Club was initiated to open channels of communication with the youth, offering them the prospect of working with Dohaland, providing an opportunity to prepare for their future roles as Qatari leaders. The Future Affiliate Club offers its members various benefits including an opportunity to experience a regular work day based on their interest in departments like Marketing, Human Resources and Projects at the Dohaland offices; also receive free career guidance from experts, and get a chance to volunteer for prominent events held at Dohaland.


Launched in January 2010, the floating wonder ‘Knowledge Enrichment Centre’, moored off Doha Corniche, is a long-term endowment providing the community with an avenue to learn and enhance their experiences through thematic workshops, gallery space with exhibits that focus on the Qatari heritage. An ethnic tourist spot, the Knowledge Enrichment Centre has attracted visitors from around the world with its innovative design and unique exhibits (current exhibition titled ‘A Blueprint to the Future’ focuses on the past, present and future of Qatar). Dohaland also engaged regional and international experts through several key conferences like Stephen Covey event, and symposiums focusing on green building and sustainability practices such as the ‘Introduction to Green Buildings’ seminar and the 'Musheireb Symposium 2010 - Seven Steps to a New Architectural Language'.


Dohaland’s proactive stance toward environmental and sustainability issues are also witnessed internally. There are policies focusing on green and sustainable office practices, including reducing plastic use, adopting plants, and supporting global and local environment awareness activities.

It also shares its green consciousness with society and the world, recently celebrating ‘Green Pledge’ on June 5th ‘World Environment Day’, where Dohaland CEO Eng. Issa M. Al Mohannadi joined over 600 visitors in signing a pledge that called upon the people of Qatar to promise to protect their natural environment and resources.


The company motto for the staff is ‘Developing Together’, enriching their working experience and providing them with value-based learning opportunities. Staff engagement/ enrichment involves regular creative competitions featuring film and photography, encouraging employees to learn new skills, share with their colleagues and win great prizes for winning entries. Employees are also empowered to take the lead internally within their department on environmentally friendly workplace issues. Dohaland’s recent participation in the Qatar Career Fair 2010 was driven by young Qatari employees who were recruited during the previous edition of the fair. They designed a booth from recycled materials, reduced use of paper, engaged their peers at the Fair and admirably represented the culture and philosophy of Dohaland through their creativity and leadership qualities.


Dohaland views its contribution to the preservation, and reinterpretation of traditional Qatari architecture through its flagship project—Musheireb, as a major social contribution to Qatari culture and people. Dohaland spent three years researching, with the support and advice of the foremost international experts in the industry, how modern, innovative technologies and ideas can blend with the best of the past to create a new and distinctly Qatari architectural language for future generations. The rediscovery of Qatari architecture will be a lasting legacy that will undoubtedly help Qatar develop into one of the world’s most modern states.

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