GAM Council Approves 2011 Budget

GAM Council Approves 2011 Budget
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Published November 30th, 2010 - 11:31 GMT

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The Council of the Greater Amman Municipality (GAM) approved , in a session presided over by Mayor Omar Maani, the 2011 budget amounting to 406,556,000 JOD, with a deficit of 11 million JOD.

Revenues, financing resources, and government support amounted to 395,549,000 JOD. Expenses have risen from 153 million JOD in2010 to169 million in 2011, namely 10%.

The Mayor of Amman has reviewed the most important items of the budget, which focused on sustaining and implementing projects all over the regions, especially those pertaining to opening, paving and lighting roads, enhancing sanitation works, preserving the environment, setting up public parks, the Rapid Bus Transit (BRT), and methane gas.

GAM shall upgrade the proficiency of tax and fees collection of the previous years, amounting to 244 million JOD, to reduce the 2011 budget deficit, and to settle debts.

The budget also focused on the ideal investment of human resources of the Municipality, developing the best working systems, and maintaining a balance between revenues and expenses on monthly basis.

It should be noted that GAM, in 2010, has adopted a financial policy aiming at reducing the budget deficit to 5 million JOD through controlling capital expenditure, maximizing revenues, and best utilizing of human resources. GAM has also rescheduled debts, and replaced them with less interest rates ones, which helped secure liquidity and financial abundance.

Head of the Financial Committee at the Council, Mohammad Mathhar 'Ennab presented the Committee's recommendations, especially those aiming at controlling expenditure, and adopting proper policies to upgrade proficiency of tax and fees collection, namely those of the previous years.

Executive Director of Financial Affairs, Ramzi Al Bukhari, on his part, gave a presentation on the items of the budget, and GAM' procedures adopted to reduce the current year's deficit. 

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