HMC Honors Qatari Volunteers at Qatar Health

HMC Honors Qatari Volunteers at Qatar Health
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Published December 16th, 2010 - 11:54 GMT

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It was a proud moment for young teenage Qatari boys and girls as they received commendation, gifts and certificates for their exemplary voluntary work during Qatar Health, 2010. A special ceremony to honor the Qatari volunteers was held on the last day of Health Congress on the Hamad Medical Corporation (HMC) stand at the Doha Exhibition Center.

The good work put in by dozens of young Qatari's towards making Qatar Health a success was appreciated by the organizing committee of Qatar Health led by the Deputy Medical Director of HMC and Vice-Chairman of Qatar Health, Dr. Abdulwahab Al Musleh in the presence of Mr. Mohamed Al Noimi, Executive Director, Marketing, Media and Public Relations at HMC and Vice-Chairman of Qatar Health and Ms. Balkis Al Khazlaragy who organized the volunteer program.

With more than 60 Qatari boys and girls volunteering for the health congress and exhibition, there was considerable competition among the young volunteers for the coveted prize of 'Best Volunteer Qatar Health, 2010'. Ms. Aisha Al Thani was judged the best Qatari volunteer for Qatar Health, 2010 for her diligence, initiative on the job and her commendable customer service oriented approach.

Speaking on her experience of working during the Health Congress, Ms. Aisha Al Thani stated that it was a very rewarding and rich experience to work hand in hand with the organizers of Qatar Health. She said that she and her school friends who also volunteered, could learn much from hosting such a big international event, and that this would help them in gaining more practical work experience that will help them in their future.

Dr. Abdulwahab Al Musleh, while giving away the prizes to the volunteers, said that he looked forward to active participation from Qatari boys and girls in making the next edition of Qatar Health a greater success.

"Hamad Medical Corporation takes a holistic approach to education and providing community services opportunities, such as volunteer programs which are an important teaching facility," said Dr. Al Musleh. "The spirit of community service is imbibed in Qatari boys and girls and we want to take it forward to encourage the younger members of society to adopt a strong work ethic that will benefit them and Qatar. Volunteer programs, such as the one organized at Qatar Health, that include the next generation of Qataris is something that Hamad take pride in". 

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