ICDL GCC Foundation and SABIS University launch IT literacy program in Iraq

ICDL GCC Foundation and SABIS University launch IT literacy program in Iraq
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Published September 26th, 2010 - 13:13 GMT

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ICDL GCC Foundation, the governing body and certification authority of the International Computer Driving Licence (ICDL) program in the Gulf region and Iraq, has announced that on 6-9-2010 it has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with SABIS University, Kurdistan as a distinguished partner to promote digital awareness and promulgate IT literacy in Iraq. Under the agreement, ICDL GCC Foundation will accredit SABIS University and The International School of Choueifat in Erbil as ICDL partners in the delivery of training and testing on ICDL programs, with the aim of spreading IT awareness through the introduction and implementation of ICDL into the mainstream teaching system of SABIS University, Kurdistan, in addition to actively engaging in activities to promote and further develop IT awareness within all segments of the society.

The ICDL program is supported & initiated in Iraq by UNESCO - Iraq Office, and this unique partnership extends to raise awareness not only within the education system, but also targeting various social groups in the society including; women, retirees, job seekers, people with special needs, and economically disadvantaged individuals, complementing government efforts to promote digital literacy and create a digitally aware society in Iraq. ICDL GCC Foundation and SABIS University have likewise agreed to demonstrate their joint ability at the Erbil International Fair, Booth (I1) being held in the Kurdistan Region from October 18 to 21, 2010.

Raed Mahmoud, SABIS Representative in Kurdistan, said: "This is an imperative move that gives students of SABIS University and the citizens of Kurdistan, Iraq direct access to ICDL certification. Being an internationally recognised standard, ICDL will certainly enhance the competitive edge of our students and expand their future career prospects. Moreover, we recognise ICDL GCC Foundation's efforts to help people of different cultural, economic and social backgrounds to become proficient with basic IT skills. It is therefore a privilege for us to contribute and be part of this remarkable digital literacy initiative that will bring direct benefit to Kurdistan, Iraq."

Jamil Ezzo, Director General of ICDL GCC Foundation, said: "An integral part of our strategy is to partner with high-profile academic institutions in order to promote digital literacy in the society. SABIS Education Services has a strong reputation and history of producing high-calibre students, and our partnership will further boost digital literacy and produce high competent individuals in Kurdistan, Iraq. We intend to leverage the strengths of both of our for the benefit of the government and the people of Kurdistan."

SABIS University Iraq is part of the SABIS Education System that runs 83 schools in 15 countries and four continents. SABIS offers educational management products and services to private and public schools. For more information on the ICDL course at SABIS University, please call (+964) 07605101100 or (+964) 07507238442.

ICDL is an integrated digital literacy program recognized worldwide. The program empowers individuals with the essential skills and knowledge of computer and practical use of common desktop applications. ICDL is based on a recognised global standard acknowledged through testing and proves that the certificate holder has fundamental skills in IT, using the computer and managing files, word processing, spreadsheet, database, presentation, and information and communication (internet and e-mail). Available in more than 48 languages, the program is endorsed by education ministries, universities and government organisations and is accredited by more than 168 countries. 

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