Iraqi forces block one street in Ashraf and severely beat two residents

Iraqi forces block one street in Ashraf and severely beat two residents
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Published August 26th, 2010 - 14:51 GMT

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The Iraqi forces have blocked one of the streets inside Camp Ashraf since Tuesday, August 24, and are preventing the residents commuting through this street. Upon the order of the committee within the Iraqi Prime Minister's office that is responsible for suppression of Ashraf residents, a number of armed forces and armored vehicles have been stationed in that street which has been used by the residents for the past 25 years. On Wednesday, August 25, 2010, two Iraqi Army Intelligence officers by the names of Naqib Ahmad Hassan Khodheir and Lieutenant Heidar Azab Mashi, stopped a vehicle inside Ashraf and forced at gun point the driver and the passenger off the vehicle and beat them up severely. The two Ashraf residents; Rahman Mohammadian and Hossein Kaghazian, were insulted and threatened to be arrested, killed and forcibly expelled.

These are part of series of aggressions by the Iraqi forces against the residents of Ashraf since the US forces, and subsequently the UN monitoring team, left Ashraf. The Iraqi suppressive forces by resorting to such unlawful measures at the behest of the Iranian regime are setting the stage for another attack on Ashraf and murder of its residents. Among these measures are the presence of the Iraqi armed forces in Ashraf main streets and their offensive and provocative behaviors. In another incident on August 4, a number of Iraqi forces attacked defenseless residents of Ashraf and beat and wounded nine of them.

These acts are being carried out at the time when, for almost seven months, agents of the Iranian Ministry of Intelligence and Security (MOIS) have camped at the main gate of Ashraf and are psychologically torturing the residents particularly the patients in nearby hospital. With the full backing of the Iraqi forces, they are using 34 powerful loudspeakers to create deafening and disturbing sounds.

The Iranian Resistance draws the attention of the US government and the American forces as well as the United Nations Secretary General and his Special Representative for Iraq to such suppressive acts by the Iraqi government and their dangerous consequences, and calls on the American forces to guarantee protection of the camp residents. It also calls for redeployment of the UNAMI team inside Ashraf and respect for the residents' rights as protected persons under the Fourth Geneva Convention. 

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