Jazeera Airways Kuwait’s largest operator to 15 high-demand destinations

Jazeera Airways Kuwait’s largest operator to 15 high-demand destinations
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Published August 25th, 2010 - 08:45 GMT

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More travellers have chosen Jazeera Airways for their summer travels than any other Kuwaiti airline, said Jazeera Airways today in its operational performance report for the month of July showing it had a continued lead in market share among Kuwait-based airlines on all routes served by the airline with the exception of the Kuwait-Jeddah and Kuwait-Riyadh routes, where the airline is restricted to a lower seat allocation versus other Kuwaiti airlines.

The today-issued report is based on data from Kuwait's Directorate General for Civil Aviation (DGCA) and showed that Jazeera Airways has maintained market dominating positions despite heavy summer competition between the three Kuwaiti airlines and other airlines in the Middle East as well.

Jazeera Airways ranked in the leading position in terms of flown passengers to Aleppo, Alexandria, Amman, Assiut, Bahrain, Beirut, Damascus, Deir Ezzor, Doha, Dubai, Istanbul, Lahore, Luxor, Mashhad and Sharm El Sheikh.

The report said that Jazeera Airways had carried 16, 400 passengers between Kuwait and Beirut, making it the largest single operator among all airlines serving the route. Jazeera Airways closed the month with a market share of 31% on the Kuwait-Beirut route.

The report also said Jazeera Airways led the market in the month of July to resort destinations as well, such as Sharm El Sheikh where it closed the month with a market share of 50%, equal to the combined market shares of all other airlines operating on that route.

Jazeera Airways also captured the largest market share among Kuwait-based airlines on the two most competitive routes in the airline's network: Kuwait-Dubai and Kuwait-Bahrain. With over seven scheduled airlines operating between Kuwait and Dubai, the airline closed the month with a market share of 20%, and a 20% market share as well on the Kuwait-Bahrain route, equal to combined market share of the other Kuwaiti airlines operating the route.

In addition to business destinations like Dubai and Bahrain, the airline captured a 27% market share on the Kuwait-Amman route, the single largest market share among Kuwaiti airlines operating the route.

The report also mentioned that Jazeera Airways the largest operator on both the Kuwait-Damascus route with a 37% markets share, and on the Kuwait-Luxor route with a 57% market share. 

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