Joint Press Conference of Qatar’s Minister of State for Interior Affairs, Interpol President

Joint Press Conference of Qatar’s Minister of State for Interior Affairs, Interpol President
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Published November 11th, 2010 - 07:40 GMT

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Minister of State for Interior Affairs of Qatar: There is great cooperation between Qatar's Ministry of Interior and Interpol

Khoo Boon Hui: The government of Qatar is capable to organize any international event s creatively and successfully

Ronald K. Noble: INTERPOL is getting ready to sign an agreement of cooperation and support with Qatar International Academy for Security Studies (QIASS) and for helping in the establishment of a centre for sports security training.

Brig. Khalifa Al Nasr: Doha INTERPOL Office has strong and joint cooperation with all INTERPOL offices in all parts of the world.

Doha: The organizing committee of the 79th session of the INTERPOL General Assembly hosted by the State of Qatar in Doha from 8th – 11th November 2010 held a press conference in Doha Sheraton hotel on Wednesday, 10/11/2010 afternoon.

Qatar's Minister of State for Interior Affairs HE Sheikh Abdullah bin Nasser bin Khalifa Al Thani, President of INTERPOL HE Khoo Boon Hui, Secretary General of INTERPOL HE Ronald K. Noble and Director of Arab and International Police Communication Department of Qatar Brig. Khalifa Nasr Al Nasr attended the conference.

Inaugurating the press conference, Sheikh Abdullah bin Nasser bin Khalifa Al Thani expressed his delight in hosting the 79th session of the Assembly in Qatar and he said that the State of Qatar has provided all facilities to continue the meetings and discussions until it conclude successfully. He also thanked the INTERPOL President and Secretary General for holding the meeting in Qatar.

On his part, the INTERPOL President thanked the Qatar's Minister and it's government for the efforts spent for successfully holding the 79th General Assembly in Doha. The General Assembly has been held in an important and vital time and the discussed subjects were of high importance. The Assembly approved a number of subjects including re-election of the Secretary General for the third term consecutively that affirms the confidence of members in his potentials, the President stated.

He then added that the Assembly also approved the establishment of the INTERPOL Global Complex in Singapore, which will not be a substitute for the present headquarters of INTERPOL in Lyon, but both building will support the efforts of the INTERPOL and will supplement the headquarters, contributing in the building of police capabilities and will work according to the studied scientific bases. He also thanked the State of Qatar for its support by pledging 2 Million US Dollars to the INTERPOL Global Complex in Singapore which will be handed over to the INTERPOL in 2014.

The INTERPOL Travel Document is an electronic passport and ID Card and the holders of this document will enjoy a special status. This will be issued to specified people such as Executive Committee Members of INTERPOL, Heads of central and national offices and advisors of INTERPOL and other staff who asked to travel on the duties of INTERPOL and this document will be issued carefully, Mr. Khoo added. Singapore, Egypt, Pakistan, Brazil and Newzeland have approved the INTERPOL passport until now.

The Assembly also decided to work against counterfeited drugs which have dangerous risks and he explained some of its examples occurred on some parts of the world.

Answering a question about the scope of cooperation between Qatar and INTERPOL and the future plans for enhancing cooperation between both sides, HE the Minister of State for Interior Affairs said that there is a great cooperation existing between both sides at present and he thankfully recalled the support of INTERPOL for Qatar during hosting the ASIAD 2006, which was one of the ways of cooperation between Qatar and INTERPOL. There are many huge projects for cooperation in the future from which the important ones are INTERPOL Passport and INTERPOL ID Card, which are under the legislation at present, the Minister added.

On the other side, the Secretary General of INTERPOL Ronald K. Noble applauded the existing cooperation between the INTERPOL and 188 member countries in general and between Qatar and INTERPOL in particular. The organization is accessing the countries data base for verifying the passports and the State of Qatar is ranked in the 5th place at international level among the member states in this field and this is the biggest example of cooperation existing between both sides.

"As long as the State of Qatar has thought in hosting many competitions like ASIAD and now trying to host the World Cup 2022, the INTERPOL will help it and the INTERPOL is getting ready to sign an agreement of cooperation and support with Qatar International Academy for Security Studies (QIASS) and for helping in the establishment of a centre for sports security training while the project of cooperation will be complete after the meeting of present General Assembly. The Qatar has large experience in hosting sports championship, the Secretary General commended.

He also expressed his hope in future cooperation through the new office in Qatar and in contribution towards educating the people about prevention of terrorism and rehabilitation of terrorists.

Replying to a question regarding whether the success of Doha INTERPOL would it be a support for Qatar's bid to host World Cup football in 2022, the INTERPOL president Khoo Boon Hui said, "During my inaugural speech I have mentioned that the level of crimes in Qatar is very low; even lower than my country, Singapore. This is one of the factors to host big events like World Cup football. The players, sports persons and fans would like to enjoy the matches in a secure environment".

"In fact I have visited Qatar four times. During my dealings with the Ministry of Interior, Qatar I was amazed on their high professionalism of security work. Of course, the most important in this case is the professionalism of police agencies. The way security officials in Qatar have handled INTERPOL Assembly make us believe that Qatar Government can organize any type of world class events successfully and effectively so that the participants will feel they are in their home country and they can enjoy the events in a very peaceful environment", he added.

On discussions during the last two days the President said that the decision have been made on four issues; INTERPOL Travel Document (ITD), Global Complex, chasing networks fake drugs and election of Secretary General.

Regarding the complex in Singapore, he clarified that it will complement the headquarters in Lyon, France and won't create any conflict of interests between them.

He also mentioned that the Singapore complex is expected to be completed in 2014 and it will focus on studies and research on future risks and particularly cyber crimes. "There will be greater cooperation between IT companies in Singapore. The Complex will develop techniques to reduce the crimes and it will chase the cyber crime suspects", he added.

He also said that the complex will develop mechanisms to face giant crime networks around the world and follow their route particularly in Asia which seen to be the station of these networks in the light of economic development Asia is witnessing. The complex will also focus on improving expertise and developing police performance in Asia to prosecute the offenders.

Replying questions on arrest warrants and whether it is binding on States to arrest the accused and the volume of cooperation from the countries in this regard, the Secretary General of INTERPOL Ronal K. Noble said that the countries cannot be compelled to implement red notices to arrest internationally wanted persons.

"In this regard everything is left to country leadership. There are some countries that won't agree politically on the notices. The red alerts on some person may lead to undermining the democracy in some countries", he clarified.

Replying a question on parcel bombs and its movement between the countries Noble said "The task of INTERPOL in this regard is to warn on persons or cases that threaten security. The INTERPOL could collect the information on parcel bombs and dissimilate it to the countries to take necessary measures to prevent it."

The Secretary General expressed his concern that some countries lack technology to detect these parcels which appear like normal one. He also affirmed that the detection of parcel bombs recently was outcome of cooperation and information exchange between Qatar, UAE, Saudi Arabia and Britain.

Regarding the cooperation between Doha INTERPOL office and national INTERPOL offices around the world, the Arab and International Police Communication Department Director Brig. Khalifa Nasr al-Nasr said that INTERPOL Doha has strong relations with INTERPOL offices around the world through INTERPOL General Secretariat or directly with them in member countries. The INTERPOL Doha exchanges information and expertise between the concerned authorities in different countries and it also conclude agreements and undertaking as these are important factors in fighting crimes.

Brig. Khalifa Nasr al-Nasr mentioned that the Office of Interpol in Doha performs its duties very well after it was developed and provided with all human requirements and material. All the requirements set forth by INTERPOL including introduction of automated systems of MIND and FIND which have been applied in Doha since more than two years. A link has been established between INTERPOL Doha and INTERPOL International office and through this service Doha office could find more than 26 stolen/fake passports. Thanks to cooperation between Qatar and Interpol and these efforts contributed enormously in reducing the number of persons entering the country with stolen and fake passports and the State of Qatar is one of the first countries that applied the Mind system.

"The cooperation between Doha Interpol office and Interpol offices among the world is continuing to proceeding criminal cases at first hand", he said.

On the reluctance of some countries on new Interpol Travel Document Noble explained that the initiative had been approved yesterday and it's too early to talk about the number of countries which joined it.

"The organization is currently having a 'MIND' system which allows verifying the identities of persons and stolen or fake travel documents and there are 55 countries that approved this system", he explained.

"This is the first stage and we are in the beginning of the journey and road is still long ahead of us", he added expressing hope that the new document will be approved at international level.

In response to a question addressed to Brig. Khalifa al-Nasr about result of the meeting of Arab INTERPOL Group which was held on the sidelines of the Interpol General Assembly al-Nasr said "the Meeting of the Arab Group of Interpol is held annually on sidelines of the General Assembly of Interpol and the purpose of the meeting which was held two days ago was to coordinate the stands among Arab countries and uniting the Arab view on issues being discussed in the meetings of 79th session of the INTERPOL General Assembly being hosted by Doha", Brig said. 

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