Jordan Investment Board CEO Visits the National Integrated Industries Complex

Jordan Investment Board CEO Visits the National Integrated Industries Complex
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Published November 8th, 2010 - 10:08 GMT

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Osama Darwish Al Khalili

The National Integrated Industries Complex (NIIC), the first industrial establishment of its kind in the Middle East, specializing in electric and electronic home appliances, recently received a delegation from Jordan Investment Board (JIB). The visit aimed at having a closer look at the NIIC as one of the leading investment projects in Jordan.

The Board Chairman of NIIC, Mr. Osama Darwish Al Khalili, CEO Mr. Mashhour Abdullah Al Basha, and a group of NIIC senior employees received the delegation of JIB officials led by the CEO of Jordan Investment Board Engineer Nasser Sunnaa.

Sunnaa affirmed that the visit is part of a connection program that JIB has been preparing to maintain relations with investors and to be aware of their proposals which may play a major role in the development of the Jordanian investment environment.

JIB's connection program also aims at following up on all projects on ground, observing the main achievements of these projects, and identifying the obstacles that may hinder their progress or affect the investment environment al large, and eventually remove all impediments through the concerned parties at JIB.

On his part, Al Khalili said that setting up the NIIC project within tough economic conditions all over the world was a difficult and challenging step, but the industrial vision of NIIC founders and partners was the main and most important drive towards completing the project upon the exact set specifications, in regards to the production lines, the raw materials quality, and quality control tests.

"As industry experts, we realize very well the value of the industrial sector in improving and promoting economy, as well as its contribution to bridging the unemployment gap. We, at NIIC, have an Arab vision based on developing this sector, and we look forward to integrated support to achieve our goals," he added.

Al Basha clarified that strong competition was one of the biggest challenges facing NIIC once its production and export operations kicked off, and said: "Many people don't know how strong competition is in the field of electric and electronic home appliances distribution and trade; the markets are filled with home appliances of Arab and foreign industries, therefore, we invest 100% in our products' specifications and quality, in addition to the added value, which as a result shall enable us leave a mark on MENA markets".

Accompanied by Mr. Al Khalili, Mr. Al Basha, and some of NIIC senior employees, Eng. Sunnaa and JIB delegation took a field tour at NIIC factories. Concluding the visit, Sunnaa commended the efforts of the executive administration of NIIC, its workers, and the effective role the Complex plays in enriching the Jordanian industrial sector.

It is worth noting that the National Integrated Industries Complex (NIIC) was established in 2008, with an initial investment amounted to 172 million USD. The establishment is built over a space area of 105.000 m2 including five factories: refrigerators, washing machines, air conditioners, plastic, and polystyrene plants, as well as warehouses. The Complex adopts the Complete Knock Down principle in its manufacturing process, which enables the Complex achieve 80% of locally manufactured products. NIIC recently started the exportation of products with the mark "Made in Jordan" to several Arab countries. 

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