Jordan: Second citizen die by police beating

Published November 15th, 2009 - 03:36 GMT

A Jordanian citizen died after being beaten by police, the second time this week, a police spokesman said Sunday. The deaths have provoked demonstrations in the kingdom.


Fakhri Kreishan, 47, died late Saturday, two days after slipping into a coma caused by a severe beating to the head that took place during a clash between police and residents in the southern city of Maan. Sadem al-Saud, 20, died a week ago, three weeks after he was put into a coma by a beating administered during an interrogation in an Amman police station.


According to the AP, police spokesman Maj. Mohammed al-Khatib said the six officers suspected of beating Kreishan and al-Saud have been detained and will be tried in a police court.


In Maan, violent riots erupted shortly after Kreishan's death. Angry protesters torched a police vehicle and a security booth after opening fire on the policemen manning the station in the city, said an eyewitness.


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