Kuwait: Outgoing PM to keep post

Published December 17th, 2008 - 02:11 GMT

Kuwait's emir on Wednesday asked his former prime minister who stepped down last month to return to his post and form a new Cabinet. According to the AP, Sheikh Nasser Al Mohammed Al Sabah stepped down late last month in protest over attempts by three Islamist lawmakers to question him in parliament.


He was to be probed about corruption charges, deteriorating public services and accusations he intervened to help a controversial Shiite Iranian cleric convicted by a Kuwaiti court of insulting the companions of Prophet Mohammed visit the country.


The state-owned Kuwait Television said the emir signed a decree Wednesday reappointing the premier.


The resignation plunged Kuwait into a political crisis, opening the door to speculation the ruler could dissolve the legislature. Sheikh Sabah later told the parliament speaker he would not.


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