Latest Plot by Mullahs' Ambassador in Iraq To Intensify Pressures on Ashraf Residents

Latest Plot by Mullahs' Ambassador in Iraq To Intensify Pressures on Ashraf Residents
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Published October 9th, 2010 - 19:17 GMT

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The clerical regime has resorted to a new plot in order to intensify pressure and psychological torture against Camp Ashraf residents and to lay the groundwork for the perpetration of another massacre at the camp.


The clerical regime’s ambassador in Baghdad, Hassan Danaifar, who is also a commander of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) and its extraterritorial arm the Qods Force, has personally lobbied the Iraqi Human Rights Minister in a meeting to support the regime’s intelligence agents who have camped in front of Ashraf since February. These agents are using 40 powerful loudspeakers to continually threaten the residents with a massacre, setting their camp on fire, and expelling or extraditing them.


Danaifar foolishly claimed at the meeting that there are prisons in Ashraf where the relatives of the agents are being held. Knowing full well that the regime’s claims are worthless and discredited in the eyes of international organizations, Danaifar has instead requested the Iraqi Human Rights Minister to raise such fabrications with the UN, UNAMI, and human rights organizations.


Prior to this, Danaifar had said that Iraqis who continue to expose the clerical regime’s hand in terrorism, killings and other crimes in Iraq should be put on trial. The comments were met with broad rebuke by the Iraqi people, leaders and political forces.


Meanwhile, on Thursday, October 7, the clerical regime’s Intelligence Ministry sent two new agents, Davoud Heidari and Hekmat Safar Khanlou, who have absolutely no ties to the camp’s residents, to Ashraf’s main gate in order to boost the morale of the regime’s demoralized operatives. One of the tasks of these two agents is to identify families of Ashraf residents living in Iran and to subject them to persecution and harassment.


In recent weeks, the regime’s embassy resorted to desperate measures by setting up ridiculous photo galleries in the cities of Khalis (Sept. 16-18) and Kadhmain (Sept. 25). It also sent a number of its Iraqi agents under the guise of “sheikhs” and “journalists” to the main gate of Camp Ashraf (Oct. 4) in an attempt to raise the morale of the agents camping in front of Ashraf and to also pretend that Iraqis are demanding the expulsion of the residents.


The Iranian Resistance brings the issue of the clerical regime’s plots against Camp Ashraf residents to the attention of the UN Secretary General, the Special Representative of the Secretary General for Iraq, UNAMI, and the American embassy and military forces in Iraq, and calls for the posting of a UNAMI monitoring team and American forces inside Ashraf in order to prevent the continuation of psychological torture and suppressive measures by the clerical regime and Iraqi forces against the residents.


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