Launching the Third Amman Stand-Up Comedy Festival with Local and International Comedians Participating

Launching the Third Amman Stand-Up Comedy Festival with Local and International Comedians Participating
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Published December 9th, 2010 - 16:46 GMT

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In collaboration with MBC Group the 3rd Amman Stand-up Comedy Festival started with its first show on Saturday December 4th at Al Hussein Cultural Center. With around 20 international and local comedians performing at the festival evenings lasting till next Friday the 10th of December.

A group of renowned comedians from all over the world are participating including Dean Edwards, Omid Djalili in addition to Larry Omaha, Edwin San Juan, Dean Obeidallah, Aron Kader, Sherry Davey, Omar Elba as well as Brian Scott McFadden and Mo Amer.

Since its inception in 2008, the Amman Stand-up Comedy Festival accomplished distinguished success through the attendance and interaction of many spectators from the Middle East and the Arab region. , placing Amman on the international art and culture map.

The first two days of the festival will be performed by Gabriel Iglesias in addition to Larry Omaha, Edwin San Juan, Dean Obeidallah, Aron Kader and will be entitled "Gabriel and his friends".

The Arabic nights are to be performed by Nabeel Swalha, Mohammed Salem, Motaz Atallah, Ola Rosdhy and Meena Dimian. In the "Night of Laughter" Dean Edwards, Omar Elba, Sherry Davey, Brian Scott McFadden and Mo Amer are taking part.

In the closing nights Omid Djalili, Dean Edwards, Sherry Davey, Mo Amer and Dean Obeidallah are participating.

In addition to the shows, comedy experts will conduct free workshops on comedy improvisation, as well as an international contest for all the participants.

One day prior to the festival, was set as "an open day" for comic auditions. 13 contestants presented a 3 minutes improvisational scene in front of a jury at Al Hussein Cultural Center, by which the jury will select a number of winners to participate on the local talents night scheduled on Wednesday December 8th.

The jury was comprised of comedians participating in the festival, Nabeel Sawalha, Dean Obeidallah and Aron Kader.

The Amman Stand-Up Comedy Festival is sponsored by:

Platinum sponsor: Royal Jordanian

Gold Sponsors: Grand Hyatt Amman & Nuqul Automotive, Limitless

Silver Sponsors: Abdali

Bronze Sponsors: Advize|Grey, Events AVP, Zain

Media Sponsors: Hawa Amman 105.9, seagulls, review Amman & OmniaMedia.

Organized in cooperation with Arab-American Comedy Festival in New York, all performances will be held in the evening at 8 pm throughout the Festival . 

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