The MasterCard Aïshti Fashion Experience Launched for the Second Year

The MasterCard Aïshti Fashion Experience Launched for the Second Year
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Published September 16th, 2010 - 13:41 GMT

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MasterCard Worldwide continues to strengthen its fashion platform in Asia/Pacific, Middle East and Africa, through an exciting collaboration with renowned fashion department store in Beirut; Aïshti. For the second year, MasterCard and Aïshti are working together to further establish Beirut as the fashion capital of the Middle East, through a four-day fashion extravaganza known as the MasterCard Aïshti Fashion Experience Beirut 2010.

The fashion-focused collaboration is aimed at giving MasterCard cardholders a priceless experience whilst on location in Lebanon between 14 - 17 September. MasterCard collaborated with the National Commercial Bank in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the National Bank of Kuwait to offer, through a draw, 14 MasterCard Premium cardholders an exclusive fashion experience. The experience, in which MasterCard Premium cardholders won, will include elite front row seats at an international fashion designer show, VIP access to designer store launch events, and attendance at launches of limited edition clothing ranges.

All elements of the MasterCard Aïshti Fashion Experience are directed towards developing the concept of 'Destination Lebanon', a program designed by MasterCard, which focuses on Lebanon as a centre for high-end fashion and trendy lifestyle; that of fine-dining, health and relaxation.

All visitors traveling with their MasterCard Premium credit card* will enjoy a range of exclusive privileges including fine shopping and dining experiences on offer in Lebanon during the event, allowing all non-residents to be able to celebrate fashion and luxury to the fullest during their trip. Details of all MasterCard 'Destination Lebanon' offers are available online at

The second year of the MasterCard Aïshti Fashion Experience promises to offer even more priceless experiences than last year, including a new interactive design concept: Fashion Daze by Made For Beirut. This fashion collaboration which has brought five regional and five international designers together from within Lebanon and across the globe - to participate in an exhibition and program with local Lebanese photographers. Over four days, this collective will be showcasing the fashion designers collections through a re-interpretation within Beirut, in the Beirut Souks through a series of activities including DJ and VJ performances, exhibitions, urban play and workshops.

"Last year's event was an enormous success, so we have decided to make the MasterCard Aïshti Fashion Experience Beirut 2010 even more extraordinary. We are showcasing the best of local and international fashion, and we are excited about a brand new interactive design concept – Fashion Daze by Made for Beirut. Hosting events like these allows us to play a part in establishing Lebanon as a key hub for travelers, and the MasterCard Aïshti Experience has proven to be one of the region's premium attractions," said Tony Salamé, CEO and owner of Aïshti.

"Bank Audi is delighted to be the local support bank of the MasterCard Aïshti Fashion Experience, Beirut 2010. We are working with MasterCard to provide local offers and benefits that will enhance the MasterCard cardholder experience when they are visiting Lebanon. The exclusive offers and benefits for visiting MasterCard cardholders are at select retailer boutiques, spas and restaurants and are part of the MasterCard "Destination Lebanon" program," said Randa Bdeir, head of electronic banking and business development, Bank Audi SAL. "The MasterCard Aïshti Fashion Experience, as an event and Bank Audi are dedicated to defining Beirut as the fashion capital of the Middle East, and what better place to use MasterCard the preferred travel card than with "Destination Lebanon."

"MasterCard is delighted to collaborate with Aïshti once again to bring MasterCard cardholders a variety of priceless experiences. Lebanon is a commercial hub, and presents visitors and locals alike with an endless variety of shopping and dining experiences. We are pleased to offer MasterCard Premium cardholders access to world-class offerings at this highly anticipated event on the Lebanese fashion calendar, as well as, exclusive travel privileges through our 'Destination Lebanon' program," said Basel Eltell, vice president, Levant, MasterCard Worldwide.

The MasterCard Aïshti Fashion Experience will also offer select guests access to some of the most prestigious fashion opportunities, paving the way for Destination Lebanon to rightly put Beirut as the Middle Eastern fashion hub on a global scale. 

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