A Memorandum of Understanding between Meydan and EDAMA Association

A Memorandum of Understanding between Meydan and EDAMA Association
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Published December 5th, 2010 - 07:27 GMT

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Khaled Sadeddin

EDAMA Association and Meydan recently signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) to cooperate in the fields of renewable energy.

The MOU aims, among other things, at supporting innovative concepts in the renewable energy projects, participating in the back up activity of local and regional energy sector, and finding effective environmental solutions. The two parties have also agreed to set up a cooperation framework to effectively endorse and support these concepts.

Mutual interest of EDAMA and Meydan, actualized through the MOU, lies in the transformation of renewable ideas of energy into successful, feasible and sustainable projects.

The MOU stipulates that EDAMA and Meydan are to present innovative ideas with the necessary back up such as technical consultation, communication network, and communication channels for potential investors. Meydan, on its part, shall render Business consultation to the qualified candidates and other back up services, including incubation of the new ideas and networking with potential investors. EDAMA is to focus on other types of backup such as technical support and consultation as to combating the challenges of energy, environment, water, and preserving them.

The three years, renewable memorandum was signed by the Executive CEO of EDAMA Association, Nasser Majali, and the Director of Meydan, Khaled Sadeddin.

Commenting on the MOU, Nasser Majali said, "The memorandum emanates from our firm belief in the objectives Meydan aims to achieve for the community in terms of collecting real, on the ground, and applicable projects. Being a nonprofit association interested in energy, environment, and water affairs and preservation, we are gratified to have been able to support Meydan in realizing mutual interests and objectives, and eventually serve the community at large."

On his part, Khaled Sadeddin said, "We are pleased to have signed the MOU which will enable us to realize our communal objectives, and those of our youth and their dreams and aspirations through transforming their ideas into real, on the ground projects. A big corporation of the magnitude of Edama is certainly able to render a technical and consultative back up that is bound to serve the youth practical objectives in relation to energy, environment, water, and engineering projects." This memorandum," he further added, "aims at serving the whole community within the mutual interests that we both are to cooperate in order to implement them on the ground."

It is worth noting that EDAMA Association is a private sector lead association. Jordan's EDAMA association is formed as a private sector partnership that seeks innovative solutions for energy and water independence, and their positive reflection on the environment. EDAMA seeks to create a vibrant new economic sector of energy businesses, drive research, development and commercializing of Jordanian technologies, build public awareness and advocate for policies that will make Jordan a model of energy efficiency, water conservation, and environmental stewardship. 

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