Nawras customers save more on international calls with SmartCaller service

Nawras customers save more on international calls with SmartCaller service
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Published September 6th, 2010 - 09:55 GMT

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Nawras—a Qtel Group company—is giving customers great value on international calling with its SmartCaller service, an exciting option giving impressive savings on international calls for all Nawras Mousbak (prepaid) and Shababiah customers. This innovative service makes it easier for customers to make more international calls and get closer to friends and family in two of their favourite destinations at any time.

Customers enjoy this fantastic discount on unlimited calls to their chosen countries for a low monthly rate of just RO 1. Customers can also select and change their favourite destinations as many times as they want for just 100 Baiza per destination. After choosing any two international destinations worldwide, customers will receive 10% discount on published tariffs during both peak and off-peak hours.

The SmartCaller service is incredibly easy to activate. To sign up and to change countries once activated, Nawras Mousbak and Shababiah customers simply need to dial *141#, select "Language" followed by "My Tariff Options" then choose "Favourite Numbers". Customers will then be presented with two further options, one of them being "Favourite Country Codes" which customers should select in order to enter the international dialling country codes for their desired destination. For example, to choose UAE, customers should enter 971.

"The GCC remains a very competitive telecom landscape, and we are enormously pleased to offer customers in Oman even greater value," said Omar Al Farsi, Marketing Manager – International Traffic. "It's all about being pleasingly different and enabling Nawras customers to stay in touch with the important people in their lives through great value tariffs and excellent quality."

Nawras has already introduced similar innovations to the Omani market by giving Nawras Mousbak customers the opportunity to receive amazing discounts when calling their favourite national and international numbers through 'My Favourite Numbers' service. This service allows four Nawras numbers to be dialled for only 19 Baiza per minute, which is an astounding reduction of 65% on domestic calls and the same rate enjoyed by Nawras Ajel customers.

Nawras is proud to be an Omani company and to benefit from services like SmartCaller by being part of the Qtel Group, a diversified telecommunications provider with a presence in 17 different countries. The Qtel Group is already the largest telecommunications group in the MENA region by number of operations, bringing advanced technology to more than 60 million customers worldwide. 

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