Nawras Goodwill Journey 6 visits Al Hamra

Nawras Goodwill Journey 6 visits Al Hamra
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Published August 30th, 2010 - 13:14 GMT

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Zahra Salim Al Abri

Continuing on its journey for the third day, the Nawras Goodwill convoy on Monday reached Al Hamra where the team of Nawras volunteers was accorded a warm reception by HE Nabhan Abdul Rahman Al Kharusi, the Deputy Wali, and several other officials at the wilayat office.

Welcoming the Nawras team, Al Kharusi said: "It is indeed an honour and privilege for all of us here in the wilayat office and for the people of Al Hamra that we have been been chosen to be a part of your mission of goodwill and charity."

"Long before your arrival, the news of your coming has travelled far and wide. Nawras has brought people together not just through its excellent telecommunication services and a huge array of accessory services and facilities, but has played a trail-blazing role in community services throughout the length and breadth of the Sultanate and enriched the lives of people", he added.

He wished the Nawras Goodwill Journey good luck and God speed for the rest of their onward journey. The Nawras volunteers in turn briefed the Deputy Wali about their journey so far and what more remained to be done before the convoy made it way back to its base in Muscat.

Later the convoy drove over to the headquarters of the Al Hamra Women's Association. As the Nawras volunteers stepped inside the compound of the association office, they were greeted by a huge assembly of children, standing out in the open, oblivious of the uncomfortable heat of the noonday sun.

Once inside the place, Zahra Salim Al Abri, the Chairperson of the Women's Association received the Nawras group warmly and took them round on an inspection tour of the place. An exhibition of handicrafts and utility goods, including straw mats, baskets, decorative knick-knacks, picture frames, papier maches items, table mats, table covers, handbags, hand-painted flower vases, among other things, all made by volunteers of the association, had been put up for the occasion.

The Chairperson profusely thanked the Nawras team for including the association in their itinerary and added: "We are twice blessed because all this is happening in the Holy month of Ramadan".

The Nawras team distributed toys and the children's faces were all lit up and sparkling, once they had got their handful of gifts. Special presentation items from Nawras including laptops were also presented to all the volunteers and workers of the women's Association.

The Nawras Goodwill Journey began as an employee initiative six years ago. As a caring company, Nawras is fully committed to this annual time of giving while also supporting many other lesser known causes and needs in different community groups, continuously throughout the year. 

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