NBK launches an Extensive Social Program during the Holy Month of Ramadan

NBK launches an Extensive Social Program during the Holy Month of Ramadan
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Published August 5th, 2010 - 08:31 GMT

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As part of fulfilling its ongoing corporate social responsibilities and on the occasion of the holy month of Ramadan, the National Bank of Kuwait (NBK) has announced that it had mapped out an extensive social program to be launched during the Holy Month of Ramadan as part of the Bank's involvement in community affairs and its commitment to supporting noble and worthwhile causes in Kuwait.

NBK's Kuwait Chief Executive Officer, Isam Al Sager said that in alignment with its unremitting endeavors to act as a corporate citizen and to substantiate its involvement in community affairs, NBK intends to intensify during the holy month of Ramadan its well-mapped social programs that feature the spirit of social solidarity and interaction through providing various institutions with financial and moral support along with conducting regular visits to the underprivileged sections of our society such as elders, orphans and special needs people.

NBK Fast- Breaking Banquets

Al Sager added that the most important initiative within NBK Ramadan Social Program is hosting Al Watani fast-breaking banquets which has become a tradition observed annually within the "Do Good Deeds in Ramadan" philanthropic drive initiated by NBK 17 years ago.

The Iftar banquets will be held in two large tents to be set up at two main locations; near the Grand Mosque and next to Salmiya Cinema. Fast- breaking will also be offered at various mosques and crowded locations throughout Kuwait, in addition to distributing Iftar meals via special convoys that will tour the strategic and mostly crowded areas in the country

NBK Volunteers

"Tens of NBK staff volunteers who will manage and supervise the fast-breaking banquets have already finalized all necessary arrangements for Ramadan tents to receive fasting people on the eve of first day of Ramadan", Al Sager said.

Social visits to the houses of orphans & special needs people..

The NBK Ramadan Social Program also includes several visits by NBK's Public Relations personnel to NBK Children Hospital, the houses of elders, orphans and special needs people as well as the family nursery and the distribution of Gerge'an throughout NBK's branch network.

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