NBK presented valuable Rewards and Gifts during the 27th Annual Conference of the NUKS-USA

NBK presented valuable Rewards and Gifts during the 27th Annual Conference of the NUKS-USA
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Published December 2nd, 2010 - 15:00 GMT

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National Bank of Kuwait (NBK), the leading bank in Kuwait and the highest rated in the Middle East, recently conducted a grand raffle during a dinner banquet hosted by the NBK in commemoration of the 27th annual conference of the National Union of Kuwaiti Students-USA held in Los Angeles during the period 25-28 November 2010.

Commenting on the occasion, NBK Public Relations Abdulmohsen Al Rushaid who is also a member of NBK's delegation to the conference said that the raffle conducted by the bank during the dinner banquet it hosted in honor of the participants comes as a part of a series of surprises and rewarding promotions the bank had previously prepared within its support for this event.

More than 1000 students were available in the dinner. NBK PR team has arranged a program of competitions for all the attendees and has given out valuable prizes.

Earlier the same evening, NBK PR team has participated in the Job Fair, and has presented to the students all career opportunities at NBK and has shared with them their own personnel experience as employees at NBK.

Al Rushaid added that our students and Kuwaiti youths living and studying abroad actually deserve from us utmost attention, care as well as support that eventually contribute to the furthering of the Union's performance and syndicate, cultural sports activities as well as its patriotic and national awareness-raising efforts. NBK's sponsorship and support also comes in line with the bank's customary and ongoing spirit of corporate citizenship as well as the vital role it plays in supporting all students, youths and educational issues. 

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