Nissan Jordan, Arab Assist (a MAPFRE Company) Company Sign an Agreement to Extend Warranty on Nissan's Vehicles

Nissan Jordan, Arab Assist (a MAPFRE Company) Company Sign an Agreement to Extend Warranty on Nissan's Vehicles
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Published December 18th, 2010 - 19:13 GMT

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Bustami and Saheb Trading Co. (BSTC), the exclusive dealers of Nissan in Jordan, signed an agreement with Arab Assist (a MAPFRE Company) at BSTC headquarters in Wadi Saqra to extend warranty on all new Nissan vehicles.

From now, all new Nissan cars will come with an inclusive five year or 150,000 km warranty; used cars will have a one year or 20,000kms warranty whichever comes first.

Mr. Imad Bustami, the CEO of BSTC, Mr. Ali Faroun, After Sale Services General Manager and Mr. Ibrahim, Operations and Sales manager, Approved Used cars Department in addition to Mr. Wissam Sawalha, General Manager of Arab Assist attended the signing ceremony.

The agreement highlights several goals such as supporting and increasing sales of new and used Nissan cars in Jordan; strengthening customers' satisfaction to maintain their loyalty in addition to presenting best service to loyal and new customers at the same time and uplifting the depreciation Value of the cars.

Loyal customers will have an additional two years of warranty for their Nissan cars up on their request

According to the agreement, in addition to warranty, clients will be provided with roadside assistance service, when needed. Through this service, Nissan provides clients with hotel accommodation or travel expenses, in case of the immobilization of the car, for up to three consecutive nights. In addition, Nissan assists those clients in their transportation for their residence or any other destination.

One of the services offered by Bustami and Saheb Trading Co. to its clients is that in case the client hands over the car for maintenance, it will be diagnosed, and if the maintenance proven, after the diagnosis, to need more than three working days, the Company provides the client with a substitute vehicle but after 48 hours from the diagnosis.

It is worth mentioning that the contracts of services provided by Bustami and Saheb Trading Co., cover maintenance of 97% of the spare parts, and all technical and electrical issues.

Commenting on this agreement, Mr. Imad Bustami, CEO of BSTC said:" We hope that through this agreement with my team, to maintain and gain more of our customers' satisfaction through our unique services for new & used cars, we at Nissan, seek our customers' satisfaction and provide them with best services which will enable them to hold on to their favorite Nissan. We at Nissan, promise to bring more unmatched services."

It is worth mentioning that BSTC is fully equipped with the facilities and skilled workforce needed to deliver world-class services. BSTC which works as one team with Nissan represents a milestone in the Middle East retailers market. 

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