Orange Broadband Fund provides a JD 5 monthly waiver on broadband subscriptions

Orange Broadband Fund provides a JD 5 monthly waiver on broadband subscriptions
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Published November 30th, 2010 - 07:58 GMT

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As part of its recently launched Orange Broadband Fund, Orange Jordan announced that it is offering a JD 5 monthly waiver on broadband internet subscription fees to residents of the Kingdom’s governorates irrespective of their internet service providers. The waiver is offered to new subscribers and to existing ones who wish to upgrade their connections to speeds beyond 128Kbps. This announcement came during a press conference held on Monday, Nov. 29, which brought together representatives of various local media and was headed by the company’s CEO Nayla Khawam. “This initiative falls in line with the royal vision of promoting the internet culture in the Kingdom,” commented Khawam. “Our prime objective is to make the internet more accessible to our dear citizens residing beyond the capital and to increase awareness on its importance as a central research and education tool.” Ms. Khawam explained that the Orange Broadband Fund will enhance internet penetration in all governorates beyond Amman, which will facilitate accessibility to the Internet and help transform our economy into a knowledge-based economy. ”This fund,” she added, “is merely the first phase of a comprehensive, long-term plan, which entails the training of 24 thousand citizens in the governorates on how to use the internet. The fund will also rehabilitate internet infrastructure and computer labs to 500 schools within these demographics in order to bring the internet into their learning process. Hanan Boudart Orange's Broadband Fund's Project Manager, provided attendees with an overview of the support provided by the fund and the mechanism under which it will operate within the targeted demographics. She explained that the monthly waiver is given to all citizens residing beyond the capital who wish to acquire new broadband subscriptions or upgrade their speeds from 128Kbps. This initiative follows a series of internet and fixed line offers especially tailored for teachers whereby it included preferred prices starting from 14.6 JDs in addition to numerous other benefits as an appreciation to our children's mentors and teachers. It is also part of a series of offers geared towards the residents of the northern and southern governorates, which aimed at making the internet more accessible to citizens and to increase awareness on its importance in life, education and productivity. Orange Jordan had recently launched its corporate social responsibility (CSR) strategy for the coming three years, which comprises of two prime projects: the Orange Broadband Fun and the Orange Villages project. The strategy has a projected total investment value of JD 3.5 million. Orange Jordan was also named Best Wireless Broadband Service Provider during the 2010 SAMENA Awards, in a regional event that brought together more than 40 leading regional operators, two of whom were nominated next to Orange Jordan for the same title. The company received this honor in recognition of its robust 3G+ network, which delivers a host of cutting-edge wireless broadband services to users around the Kingdom. The company was also honored for winning a number of other awards by the Council in previous occasions; Best Fixed line Operator, Best Technology Design in addition to Best fixed Broadband Operator; thus reinforcing Orange Jordan's pioneering position in Jordan's ICT sector.

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