Poll Shows 50% of Britons Want Referendum on Final Brexit Deal

Published July 31st, 2018 - 06:54 GMT

Half of the British population would like to see a referendum on the deal the government suggests, no deal, or staying in the European Union, according to a data poll published Monday.

The Sky Data snap poll showed 50 percent of Brits want to have a say on the final Brexit path of the country as 40 percent would reject a second referendum.

Asked to choose between those options, not leaving the EU would be the preferred option for 48 percent, with 27 percent preferring to leave the EU with no deal, and 13 percent choosing the government deal. 8 percent said they would not vote, 3 percent do not know.

The same poll signaled that 78 percent of the British public think the government is doing a bad job in Brexit negotiations with the bloc, up 23 points from last March. Only 10 percent said the government is doing a good job.

The poll by Sky Data was held with 1,466 people from July 20-23.

A majority -- 52 percent -- think that Brexit will be bad for the economy, a rise by four points.

One-third of British public thinks Brexit will be good for the economy, 9 percent say it will not have an impact, and 40 percent think Brexit will be good for the country, according to the same poll.

The U.K. is set to leave the EU on March 29, 2019.



An implementation period is expected to follow this date and end at the end of 2020, during which the U.K. will abide by EU law without a say on new legislation in return of continued customs union and access to the single market.

The Sky Data poll also showed 42 percent of Britons now think it will have a negative effect on themselves personally, up eight points; 18 percent think it will not affect them either way, and 31 percent think it will be good.

British voters had decided to leave the EU in a referendum held in June 2016. The Leave campaign had received 52 percent of the votes.


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