Prices drop at Doha Summer Fun Park

Prices drop at Doha Summer Fun Park
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Published July 27th, 2010 - 11:59 GMT

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At the recommendation of an internal committee organized by Mr. Ahmed Al Nuaimi, Chairman of Qatar Tourism Authority (QTA), prices of the amusement rides at the Doha Summer Fun Park have dropped in light of the large number of visitors as well as feedback from the public.

“We have seen high numbers of visitors come to the Doha Summer Fun Park since opening last week – over 40,000,” said Mr. Al Nuaimi.  “To ensure the summer continues to be fun and exciting for everyone who visits, we have organized a committee to visit the Fun Park and assess the rides and entertainment.  As the result of our assessment and survey of visitors, we have decided to drop the prices of some of the rides, offering more of an opportunity for families to enjoy their time together at a reasonable price.”

The prices of some rides have dropped from QR15 to QR10, and one ride has dropped from QR10 to QR5.  There remain only 5 rides priced at QR15, with the majority of the rides priced at QR10 or below.  All rides for children under the age of 10 are now priced at either QR10 or QR5. 

The QTA Committee had also reviewed the pricing and offering of food at the restaurants at the Doha Summer Fun Park.  The prices of meals will range from QR15 – QR18 for children and QR25 for adults.  The Committee has determined that the size of the portions is appropriate for the prices.

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