Psychiatry Patients Celebrate Garangao

Psychiatry Patients Celebrate Garangao
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Published August 25th, 2010 - 11:59 GMT

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The Psychiatry Department at Rumailah Hospital under Hamad Medical Corporation yesterday marked the anniversary of Garangao by conducting activities for its patients to celebrate the 14th day of Ramadan, otherwise known as the Festival of Children.

Speaking on the event, Dr Suhaila Guloum, chairperson of the Psychiatry Department, remarked that the event was not only for children but also for adults, and that the main goal of the department is to enable their patients to observe and enjoy this tradition despite the patients' confinement at the hospital.

Garangao is part of centuries-old traditions special to Qatar and the Gulf region.

Organized by Fatima Al Ali, a technician from the Occupational Therapy Department, the activities included the distribution of sweets to patients. The gifts are a gesture intended to make the patients feel happy and at home, and to keep alive this most important festival.

According to custom, children clad in traditional clothes come out of their homes on the night of Garangao, and knock on their neighbor's doors to receive sweets or gifts, which they keep in special cotton bags. Despite the changing times which have affected aspects of the tradition, it remains a significant part of life for the Qatari community. 

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