QInvest Sharia’a Compliant Enhanced Yield Note Oversubscribed

QInvest Sharia’a Compliant Enhanced Yield Note Oversubscribed
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Published November 30th, 2010 - 12:40 GMT

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QInvest, Qatar's leading investment bank, has launched a Sharia'a Compliant Enhanced Yield Note that has been met with great enthusiasm by investors, with the bank raising significantly more than expected.

"The subscription for the Note has been closed" QInvest CEO, Shahzad Shahbaz, said. "We have seen an overwhelming response from the market as investors look to maximize returns whilst maintaining capital protection", he added.

The note is one of a series of Islamic investment products QInvest is planning to bring to the market in the coming months, and demonstrates QInvest's strong Islamic structuring capabilities and commitment to meeting client needs.

Further commenting on the success of the note, Shahbaz said "the reaction of clients shows they were delighted with the risk/ return balance that the enhanced yield note achieved and reflects our belief that there is increasing client appetite for innovative products that comply with Islamic Sharia'a."

Based on a philosophy that "with trust comes sharing, through sharing comes partnership and through partnerships, value is created", QInvest has created a unique platform with strategic partnerships in the region and beyond. The platform offers a broad range of expertise which enables QInvest to deliver a high value service to clients, seamlessly covering advisory, financing and investment needs. The business lines include investment banking, investment management, brokerage and wealth management; with dedicated origination and placement teams.

As part of its important activities in developing the financial services industry and in reflection to the firm's commitment to Qatar's National Vision, QInvest organized Qatar's most high-profile investment focused event, 2nd annual Qatar Global Investment Forum (QGIF 2010), that was attended by 350 delegates from 30 countries. In addition to QInvest Chairman's welcome address, H.E. Sheikh Jassim Bin Hamad Bin Jaber Al Thani, the Minister of Economy and Finance in Qatar and the Governor of Qatar Central Bank delivered key note addresses about Qatar's role as a prominent financial hub for this region.

QInvest is committed to contributing to the communities in which it operates. It has developed a program of corporate social responsibility activities that includes funding for a range of charitable, educational, social, cultural and sporting organizations and events. The firm designed and launched the "Qatari Development Program (QDP)", in line with other training and development programs under the QTalent theme, exclusively for Qatari Nationals offering recruitment opportunities for a generation of world-class Qatari investment banking talent preparing them to compete within a dynamic local and regional investment banking industry. 

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