Samsung Launches Cutting Edge Camcorders Line-up in Kuwait

Samsung Launches Cutting Edge Camcorders Line-up in Kuwait
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Published July 28th, 2010 - 07:14 GMT

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Samsung Gulf Electronics

Samsung Digital Imaging Company Inc., a market leader and award-winning innovator in consumer electronics, announced its latest camcorders line-up in Kuwait, the C20 and F40, allowing consumers to capture the moments with the new ultra-zoom and easy-to-use features.

"The Samsung C20 and F40 are ideal for a wide-range of consumers, said Mr. Ram Modak, General Manager of the Digital Imaging Division of Samsung Gulf Electronics. "These camcorders appeal to consumers' demand for simplicity and features that allow them to capture the right moments and get great results with minimal effort. The host of new features and functionalities make the camcorders even more intuitive and easy to use. The new range can truly be used by anyone, anywhere and at anytime."


The new Samsung C20 comes fully equipped with a wide range of new features including the signature Touch of Colour (ToC) design, Active Angle Lens, improved video resolution and Intelli-Studio. These varieties of features allow users to never miss a moment with their user-friendly C20 camcorder. The ToC design features a hint of color that is naturally blended into the deep black body of the camcorders to create an attractive crystalline appearance. The new model boasts the Samsung's Active Angle Lens design allowing users to hold the camcorder in a more natural position with its 25 degree downward angled lens.

Whether the it is being used for documenting or to capture priceless moments with family and friends, the C20 offers you the highest quality video and still images. With these remarkable resolutions of 720 x 480, the features offer the ability to easily capture a quality, crisp video.

A further premium design enhancement is Samsung's play-edit-sharing program called Intelli-studio. The built-in intelli-studio software gives users the ability to connect the camcorder to any computer via USB and edit and play your video without having to install supporting software. The built-in intelli-studio software also helps simplify the way users upload and share their footage using today's popular video‑sharing Web sites


The Samsung F40 comes fully equipped with fresh and innovative features that provide consumers with impressive quality, unforgettable memories, and flexible features. Samsung's F40 offers an incredible 65x Intelli-Zoom lens (52x optical zoom), which allows users to bring distant images into focus and zoom closer in the action. The improved optical zoom ensures photos to provide users sharp images whether or not the focus is distant. The new camcorder also provides enhanced image quality with its high-performance 1/6" CCD sensors.

Preserving every special memory is easy with the extended battery life and built-in memory of the new Samsung F40. The camcorders provide consumers with over four hours and 10 minutes of battery life on a single charge. When combined with the use of H.264 compression, consumers can store up to six hours and 20 minutes of video per every 16GB of internal memory.

With Samsung's new feature of the play-edit-sharing program called Intelli-Studio 2.0, users are given the unprecedented freedom and flexibility to view, edit and upload content to the web from any PC with their camcorder and USB cable. The simplicity of uploading and sharing footage provides users with flexibility. 

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