Schwarzkopf: 55% of women in Kuwait spend less than 8KD a month on their hair, and an average of 14 minutes a day on grooming

Schwarzkopf: 55% of women in Kuwait spend less than 8KD a month on their hair, and an average of 14 minutes a day on grooming
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Published September 7th, 2010 - 11:32 GMT

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Ramy Bermawy

Schwarzkopf’s latest beauty survey, conducted by YouGov Siraj, looking at the renowned beauty regimes of women in Kuwait, has found that the luxurious pampering days and salon trips appear to be a thing of the past, as women start to watch costs.  The survey of 369 respondents across the country showed that 55% of women now spend less than 8 KWD per month caring for and styling their hair, with 37% no longer choosing to go to a salon.

The research also shows that time, as well as money, is also something that Kuwaiti women are looking to be smarter with.  While watching the dinars, they have also cut back on grooming, spending an average of 14 minutes per day caring for or styling their hair.

Despite, the significant reduction in spending, when it comes to beauty, women of Kuwait still remain extremely “looks conscious”, 69% of women say that having nothing to wear could prevent them from leaving the house – a general consensus in Kuwait, KSA and the UAE.  Unsurprisingly, signs of aging and hairy legs are also listed as women’s major beauty concerns.

With time and money clearly being of the essence, Schwarzkopf has launched Palette 10, the world’s first 10-minute hair dye, into the Kuwait, UAE and KSA markets.  Although the treatment only takes 10-minutes, the effect is long lasting like that of a standard-time home coloration. Palette 10 contains colour boosting Arginine which helps colour pigments to quickly penetrate into the hair´s core, giving intensive hair colour and grey coverage in a very short time, while minimizing the hair stress.  Focused on the protection of each individual strand, its Anti-Hair-Damage Formula means women can be confident that they will have healthy-looking hair and fabulous shine.

Ramy Bermawy, Marketing Manager GCC Cosmetics, Henkel Arabia, said Swarzkopf, said, “Women in Kuwait and across the region lead hectic lifestyles, with many juggling family, work and play.  To help them, we wanted to introduce a product that allowed them to have it all, without sacrificing the salon quality they are used to.  We know that approximately 65% of women in Kuwait are turning to coloration products that they can use at home to help them to stay on top of their busy lives, so Palette 10 helps women to reduce the time and money needed to look great, giving them more time for themselves”.

As for the worst beauty faux pas – the survey revealed that both men and women in Kuwait were in complete agreement, that wearing too much make-up tops the charts.

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