Skoolee Tools Went Live At Kuwait Bilingual School

Skoolee Tools Went Live At Kuwait Bilingual School
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Published November 18th, 2010 - 08:34 GMT

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Five months ago Kuwait Bilingual School (KBS) purchased Skoolee Tools, a School Information System (SIS) developed by White Mountain Technologies. Now, Skoolee Tools is fully operational at KBS.
Kuwait Bilingual School was established in 1998 in Al-Jahra City, Kuwait, by Saleh Al Mekhlef, with the backing of Sheikh Ali Al Salem Al Ali Al Sabah. The first private bilingual school in the north of the country, Kuwait Bilingual School made quality education accessible to students from Al-Jahra City and its surrounding areas.
Kuwait Bilingual School has been around for 12 years now, and clearly knows what they need. “There are many providers for such school software systems,” says Mr. Ghassan Jilani, Director General, Kuwait Bilingual School. “But, from my long experience with companies, success depends on the provider’s prompt and excellent support to help the school adopt the system in full. White Mountain Technologies is a perfect example of such support.”
Developed by White Mountain Technologies, Skoolee Tools can be used with national education curricula as well as American high school diploma and other international education systems.

From data migration, to specific customization, roll out, and training, Skoolee Tools went live in KBS two months ahead of schedule and is now available online to teachers, students, parents, and school management; a total success by all means.
“We owe this success to KBS as much as to the dedication that we put into implementing our projects,” says Mr. Ghassan Abboud, White Mountain’s managing director. “It required the commitment of both parties; otherwise the project would have failed.”

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