Sudanese Court to Study Objections to Presidential Candidates

Published November 27th, 2000 - 02:00 GMT

Sudan's Constitutional Court will examine objections against the election watchdog for endorsing Omar al-Beshir and Jaafer Nimeiri as candidates in forthcoming presidential elections, SUNA news agency reported Monday. 

Lawyer Mahmud Shaarani filed the objections arguing that Bashir, as the incumbent president, can order all employees of government institutions, including the General Electoral Commission, to vote for him, the state-run SUNA said. 

As supreme commander of the armed forces, General Bashir also has a hold over the nation's servicemen, Shaarani added. 

Meanwhile, former president Nimeiri's nomination is a "provocative insult" to the Sudanese people who rose in a popular uprising and overthrew him in 1985, Shaarani was reported as saying in his objection. 

Another objection against the GEC was filed to the court by Advocate Ghazi Suleiman on behalf of Ahmed Mohammed Eissa, a little known politician who is seeking to have his candidacy endorsed.  

Eissa says, by imposing fees of 14 million pounds (about 5,600 US dollars) on a presidential nominee and his nominators, he could not come forward for the race. 

SUNA quoted Constitutional Court judge Ali Yahia as saying his court would start studying the objections without disrupting the timetable for the simultaneous presidential and legislative elections due for December 11-20. 

Presidential candidate Malik Hussein said he would lodge with the Constitutional Court an objection, which was earlier turned down by the GEC against Bashir's candidacy. 

Hussein argued that, in accordance with the election law, Bashir should have resigned as commander-in-chief of the armed forces because it is a public service post. 

The final list contains five presidential candidates, including Samual Hussein Mansour and Mahmoud Ahmed Juha in addition to Bashir, Nimeiri and Hussein – KHARTOUM (AFP) 



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