Sunny FM holds press conference to announce the upcoming launch of the

Sunny FM holds press conference to announce the upcoming launch of the
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Published November 30th, 2010 - 07:15 GMT

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Sunny FM held a press conference on Monday, November 29th 2010 at Al Qasr Hotel to announce the upcoming launch of the second Sunny Art Fair, which will take place between the 15th and 20th of December. The press conference, which brought together representatives of various local media, was headed by the art fair’s Art Supervisor Abeer Suqeili In a keynote speech she delivered during the event, Suqeili highlighted the importance of the event, saying: “I have always considered art a unique medium that reflects the reality of our culture and its current state, in addition to embodying the dreams of our citizens. This significance remains untouched in our day and age, particularly with the advent of new ways for communication and expression. It is therefore that this art fair comes to serve as a portal for art lovers to look into themselves and project to the world and other artists their unique visions. It is an essential celebration of the key role art plays in our lives.” Mr. Zafer Younis the General manager of modern media commented “This art fair, in addition to the host of sponsorships it has attracted, constitutes a major motivator for artists to invite more creativity and innovation into their process.” Mr Younis added “It also serves as a valuable opportunity for experience sharing and for propelling the local art scene.” The art fair will bring visitors ten collective exhibitions and offerings from 44 local artists. The event is being sponsored by several parties which, in addition to Sunny FM, include HSBC, Al Nisir Al Arabi Insurance, the Delight Shop, Zara Center, Asda’a PR, Front Row, iJordan, Pro4, The Cakery, Royal Jordanian, Immortal, House of A, and Rock Paper Scissors.

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