Guest workers who fail to renew their work permits by November 11 will be deported, Labour Minister Nidal Katamine announced on Monday.

In a statement carried by the Jordan News Agency, Petra, Katamine said the new decision applies to all guest workers in the Kingdom of all nationalities and in all sectors.

He added that the decision aims at regulating the labour market and ensuring that employers abide by the Labour Law.

Katamine said guest workers will be given a 20-day grace period to rectify their status and obtain work permits; otherwise, they will be deported.

The minister stressed that the date is final and the grace period will not be extended, the Jordan News Agency, Petra, reported.

Katamine noted that the decision will help secure jobs for Jordanians in posts illegally occupied by guest workers.

According to ministry estimates, nearly 1.5 million foreign workers are currently residing in the country, with Syrians and Egyptians composing the majority.

Katamine said on Sunday that the ministry has issued repatriation orders against 2,138 foreign workers, including 245 domestic helpers, for failing to abide by labour regulations, within an inspection campaign launched earlier this year.

Labour inspectors fined 16,495 employers and employees found in violation of the law this year until October.

The minister said a total of 15,800 guest workers have been found working illegally in the Kingdom since the beginning of the year, adding that 8,318 illegal workers were Egyptians and 5,723 were Syrians.