Wataniya Airways announces 2010/ 2011 Improved Winter Schedule

Wataniya Airways announces 2010/ 2011 Improved Winter Schedule
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Published September 19th, 2010 - 11:26 GMT

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Wataniya Airways
Wataniya Airways, Kuwait’s only premium service airline, today announced its 2010/2011 winter flight schedule, which continues to build on its reputation for providing a convenient and attractive network of routes, and which is designed to appeal to its rapidly increasing number of discerning guests. The new winter schedule, which will be introduced from November, includes more flights to many of Wataniya Airways’ most popular destinations and further improvements to departure and arrival times. A key feature of the new schedule is the continued expansion of Wataniya Airways’ popular Vienna service, which will feature three direct flights a week from Kuwait to Vienna (Tuesday, Thursday and Saturdays) and three flights a week to Vienna via Beirut (Wednesdays, Fridays and Sundays), all with convenient departure times to provide great connection opportunities for guests flying to or from other European cities. Chairman and Managing Director of Wataniya Airways, Mr. Abdulsalam Al Bahar, said: “We continue to accommodate the growing demand for our premium services by expanding our fleet, and we are pleased to introduce our new winter schedule to meet the needs of our ever increasing number of guests.” Wataniya Airways will also continue its services to Istanbul throughout the winter, offering three weekly flights on Tuesdays, Thursday and Saturdays. Sharm El Sheikh, one of the company’s most popular leisure and short break destinations, will now be served by four flights a week during the winter months, with flights leaving on Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday. Other features include increasing the number of weekly flights to Bahrain to sixteen, improved departure times for services from Kuwait to Amman, and maintaining the regular three flights a day service to Dubai, with convenient departure and arrival times for both business and leisure travelers. Chief Commercial Officer for Wataniya Airways, Lee Shave said “We continually listen to our guests and have tried to come up with schedules that fit our guests’ requirements. In our new schedule we have improved departure and arrival times, as well as expanded our guest appeal by offering more flights on some of our most popular routes to accommodate the continually growing and strengthening demand. Vienna, in particular, has been a great success for us and our guests are using it as their entry point to connect to many other cities in Europe and beyond.”

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