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Published September 5th, 2022 - 01:10 GMT
Three's company

ALBAWABA - It has been trending all day. An man from Algeria marries two brides in one day. He is called Rasheed and the names of the brides, which are his wives now, are named Mariam and Hannan.  

The social media are going wild with tweets and commentary. The famous Arabic anchor Khadija Ben Qana started the ball rolling. The brides have agreed to wed on the same day, have one party and agreed to live in one house. 

So what is the story? Apparently non, other than the fact that the two brides wanted to marry the same man who is from the town of Skiekda. But bloggers on social platforms are having a field day. 

Commentary with a bit of fun and laughter. One said Rasheed can be used as an umpire to solve political cases that need crisis management.

From the number off comments posted, many are not happy with the fact that the two women married Rasheed at the same time. But one plainly said. "This is of nobody's business" and its his personal choice and life considering the man a lucky fellow.

If everyone is happy including the brides and their parents and they agreed to the terms Ben Qana shouldn't worry too much about what happened. 

One finally commented how did Rasheed manage to get the brides to agree to marry him...he is certainly a skilled diplomat and we should make use of his cleverness to solve other intransigent issues.  

The debate goes on.........................

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