'Beautiful Legs Pageant' is the Kuwaiti Public Prosecution's Latest Case

Published November 4th, 2019 - 07:36 GMT

There have been angry reactions to a man in Kuwait who announced a contest for the most beautiful women's legs, prompting the public prosecution to investigate. 

In the video, a man in his thirties claimed that he had received about 1,500 photos of women's legs and would give the winner a gold anklet worth more than 250 Kuwaiti dinars, (USD 823)

Translation: “I’m going to award the woman with the most beautiful legs a golden anklet. So, ladies, start sending me photos of your legs for me to pick, and by 10 P.M, I’m going to announce the winner. Kuwaiti women, you’re the most attractive.”

The incident escalated when the Department of Cybercrime contacted the public prosecution immediately after the contest was announced on social media, considering it as a crime against public morals. 

Translation: “He shared a photo of the winner congratulating her, and social media users are demanding for his, and the participants' immediate arrest.” 

The Kuwaiti council announced that the country's public prosecution has issued a warrant for the man's arrest.

Translation: “We have contacted the Public Prosecution to issue a warrant for the arrest of a person who organized a contest disturbing public morality and abused social media.. We now have all his information.”

Some accounts on social media have also been sharing the picture of the winner of the leg contest, demanding the arrest of the girls who participated in it.

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