Electronics, Tomatoes or Ketchup; What is This TV Show Host Talking About ? 

Published March 9th, 2020 - 12:12 GMT
Electronics, Tomatoes or Ketchup. What is This TV Host Talking About ? 
Tamatem, a Jordanian success story. (Tamatem.com)


In a wave of sarcasm, jokes and criticism, Jordanian social media users spent last night sharing a video of a Jordanian TV host mistakenly describing the products of Tamatem (name translates to Tomatoes in Arabic); a well known game developer and leading publisher in the MENA market, as “Tomatoes and Ketchup”. Little did she know, that the company’s name has nothing to do with what they produce. 

Translation: "Tamatem company is the first Jordanian game publisher to achieve this huge success, led by the honorable Hussam Hummo and as a result, the Queen paid a visit. How can the official Jordanian TV make such a mistake? Really, Tomatoes and Ketchup? "

Tamatem is a Jordanian mobile game developer and the leading game publisher in the MENA market. The company is, in fact, an inspiring Jordanian success story; Tamatem was founded by Hussam Hummo in 2013 in the US at a 500 startups Silicon Valley program, the first Arabic company to do so. Consequently, the company grew fast and big enough to come back to its base in Jordan with promising potential.

Tamatem developed around 40 available games on IOS and Android, according to Hussam Hummo CEO and founder.

On Sunday, Queen Rania Al-Abdullah of Jordan, paid a visit to the rising company to acknowledge the company’s impressive success and to appreciate, in particular, the efforts of the young hardworking staff. This is part of a series of meetings the queen likes to hold with young entrepreneurs and successful initiators as an extension of her efforts to support the education and technology sectors in Jordan. 

Following the event, a known local TV talk show discussed Queen Rania’s visit to the company and the TV host accidentally associated the company's products to its name, Tamatem; which is literally  "tomatoes" in Arabic, and she went on to add that they make Ketchup.

Translation: "From Technology to Tomatoes. Tamatem company is the best leading game publisher in the MENA region, yet this TV host says they sell "Tomatoes and Ketchup". For the official Jordanian TV to make such a mistake in front of millions about a well known company, is a crime".

That created a fuss over social media where some people expressed their anger while others found it hysterically funny and not surprising coming from the official Jordanian TV station. The reaction is not surprising given Jordanians' growing frustration with corruption, high living expenses in comparison to the services provided by the government and the performance of many local institutions, including the official TV station. 

Translation: "The level of ignorance in our media is terrifying, Scary!"

Translation: "She's explaining it with full confidence, what a shameful media "

Translation: "Is this what my taxes pay for? "

Following that incident, the talk show host posted a formal apology on Facebook to the company, workers and audience.

-"Dear viewers, regarding the mistake that happened with Tamatem; game developer and publisher, i'd like to express my sincere apologies, and i am giving my full recognition to the efforts and success the company and staff have accomplished".
- "Mistakes are common in all types of businesses, and we would be honored for you to visit us and give us the chance to introduce ourselves and the nature of our work. We are waiting and we wish you all the best"

Instantly, the Tamatem team responded to the TV host’s apology post by expressing understanding and courtesy. They also invited her to the company for an informational tour.



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