Filipino Maid Tied to a Tree by a Rich Saudi Family

Published May 15th, 2019 - 07:54 GMT

Photos of a Filipino maid tied to a tree as punishment continues to circulate the internet.

The photos that were reportedly taken in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, showed a maid being punished for leaving expensive furniture outside in the sun. The story has made headways and prompted the Philippines Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA) to take immediate action.

The story that was first reported by the Daily Mail before going viral on the internet has identified the woman as Lovely Acosta Baruelo, a mother of two. She has been working for the family for months now in Riyadh.

Translation: “Saudi ties his Filipino maid to a tree in his house. This shows how savage humans are and justice should hold him accountable.”

According to Lovely’s colleagues, who took pictures of her while tied to the tree, Lovely had angered the family by putting an expensive piece of furniture in the sun which might have ruined it. Therefore, they punished here and the incident took place on May 9.

Since then, Lovely had returned back home by the help of the (DFA). Her co-workers went to the media to appeal for help saying their employer might hurt them if they have done anything wrong at work.

Translation: “If the news is true that a Filipino maid was punished by being tied to a tree by a Saudi wealthy family because she forgot a piece of furniture in the sun, the family should be discredited.”

Saudi Arabia is among the top destinations for Filipino migrant workers who are seeking work abroad. One million workers are employed there and many of them are facing harsh living and employment conditions under discriminatory laws, that are applied in many other countries in the Middle East; including the Kafala system that is also known as the sponsorship.

It allows employers to control the workers’ travel permissions, chance to change employers or return home without their “Kafeel” or legal sponsor approval, otherwise, the worker might face arrest or deportation.

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